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Umatilla Speedway

Hermiston, OR


NASCAR K&N Pro Series West Race Recaps

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NASCAR K&N Pro Series West
RaceDateCarsWinner(s)StMake / ModelLenSfcMilesPursePoleCauLapsSpeedLC
1971-1207-10-197119Ray Elder 3'70 Dodge0.250P255,57555.4050056.5683
1972-2509-08-197224Ray Elder 1'71 Dodge0.250P316,80056.10021032.1240
1973-0706-30-197318Jack McCoy 1'73 Dodge0.250P386,65055.71321736.1930
1974-1307-03-197423Jimmy Insolo 6'72 Chevrolet0.250P255,80055.9740051.6355
1975-0707-03-197520Ernie Stierly 1 Chevrolet0.250P256,32556.1930057.5440
1976-0507-03-197614Ernie Stierly14Chevrolet0.250P255,65056.83211145.0001
1977-1207-02-197720Bill Schmitt 7Chevrolet0.250P259,27557.57741342.3333

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