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Santa Monica Road Race Course

Santa Monica, CA


AAA / USAC Champ Car Series Race Recaps

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RaceDateCarsWinner(s)StChassis / EngineLenSfcMilesPursePoleCauLapsSpeedLC
1909-0707-10-190916Harris Hanshue 1 Apperson8.417S20200064.4533
1909-0807-10-19099Bert Dingley 4 Chalmers-Detroit8.417S20200055.3202
1911-1610-14-191112Harvey Herrick10 National8.417S20200074.6037
1911-1710-14-19114Charlie Merz 2 National8.417S15200074.4223
1911-1810-14-191110Bruce Keen 6 Marmon8.417S15200068.7771
1911-1910-14-19119Louis Nikrent 3 Buick8.417S10100059.2102
1912-0105-04-19128George Joerimann 8 Maxwell8.417S10100061.8613
1912-0205-04-19128Ralph DePalma 5 Mercer8.417S15200069.5355
1912-0305-04-19129Teddy Tetzlaff 4 Fiat8.417S30300078.7182
1913-1008-09-191314Earl Cooper 8 Stutz / Wisconsin8.417S44600073.827
1914-0102-26-191418Ralph DePalma11 Mercedes8.417S29500075.4904
1914-0202-28-191419Eddie Pullen 4 Mercer8.417S40400077.3206
1916-1311-16-191619Dario Resta16 Peugeot / Peugeot8.417S29500086.9902
1916-1411-18-191625Howdy Wilcox16 Peugeot / Peugeot8.417S40400085.5515
1919-0103-15-191917Cliff Durant 1 Stutz / Stutz7.360S25000081.2700

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