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Pikes Peak

Cascade, CO


AAA / USAC Champ Car Series Race Recaps

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RaceDateCarsWinner(s)StChassis / EngineLenSfcMilesPursePoleCauLapsSpeedLC
1947-0909-01-194711Louis Unser Maserati / Maserati12.420H1211,3300044.9470
1948-1009-06-194815Al Rogers 1 Coniff / Offy12.420H129,6000047.0780
1949-0809-05-194920Al Rogers 1 Offy12.420H1200046.8550
1950-0609-04-195031Al Rogers 1 Offenhauser12.420H1210,9500047.6100
1951-0909-03-195128Al Rogers 2 Offy12.420H1210,9500047.5810
1952-0809-01-195220George Hammond 6 Kurtis / Offy12.420H1210,9500048.0420
1953-0809-07-195321Louis Unser13 Kurtis / Offy12.420H1212,4500048.8440
1954-0809-06-195418Keith Andrews18 Kurtis / Offy12.420H1210,4000050.8260
1955-0709-05-195520Bob Finney19 Lincoln12.420H1210,4000051.5590
1965-0607-04-196525Al Unser 1 Ford12.420H126,80057.7450
1966-0707-04-196619Bobby Unser 1 Chevy12.420H125,07260.1130
1967-0606-25-196720Wes Vandervoort 3 Chevy12.420H1212,50058.3481
1968-1006-29-196824Bobby Unser 1 Unser / Chevy12.420H1211,39962.5430
1969-0606-29-196918Mario Andretti16 Chevy12.420H1213,40058.5181

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