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Intercity Istanbul Park

Istanbul, Turkey


Formula One Series Race Recaps

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RaceDateCarsWinner(s)StChassis / EngineLenSfcKmPoleSpeedLC
2005-1408-21-200520Kimi Raikkonen 1McLaren MP4-20 / Mercedes-Benz FO 110R5.340R31086.797215.9380
2006-1408-27-200622Felipe Massa 1Ferrari F2007 / Ferrari 0565.340R31086.907209.1492
2007-1208-26-200722Felipe Massa 1Ferrari F2007 / Ferrari 0565.340R31087.488214.3325
2008-0505-11-200820Felipe Massa 1Ferrari F2008 / Ferrari 0565.340R31087.617214.0337
2009-0706-07-200920Jenson Button 2Brawn BGP 001 / Mercedes FO 108W5.340R31088.316215.0483
2010-0705-30-201024Lewis Hamilton 2McLaren MP4-25 / Mercedes FO 108X5.338R31086.295209.0665
2011-0405-08-201124Sebastian Vettel 1Red Bull RB7 / Renault RS27-20115.338R31085.049205.5962
2020-1411-15-202020Lewis Hamilton 6Mercedes F1 W11 / Mercedes M115.338R310107.765181.5476
2021-1610-10-202120Valtteri Bottas 1Mercedes F1 W12 / Mercedes M12 E5.338R31082.868203.9812

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