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New Asheville Speedway

Asheville, NC


NASCAR Cup Series Race Recaps

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NASCAR Cup Series
RaceDateCarsWinner(s)StMake / ModelLenSfcMilesPursePoleCauLapsSpeedLC
1962-3107-13-196219Jack Smith 3'61 Pontiac0.400P1004,47582.2850078.2942
1963-3407-14-196320Ned Jarrett 5'63 Ford0.333P1004,52567.23563.3845
1964-2705-31-196419Ned Jarrett 2'64 Ford0.333P1004,44069.88966.538
1965-2105-29-196519Junior Johnson 1'65 Ford0.333P1004,44570.60166.2930
1966-2206-03-196622David Pearson 2'64 Dodge0.333P1004,74072.96464.9171
1967-2106-02-196718Jim Paschal 5'67 Plymouth0.333P1004,34073.71063.0805
1968-1905-31-196823Richard Petty 1'68 Plymouth0.333P1004,95574.34965.7410
1971-1905-21-197118Richard Petty 1'71 Plymouth0.333P1006,62579.5980071.2314

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