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Marina Bay Street Circuit



Formula One Series Race Recaps

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RaceDateCarsWinner(s)StChassis / EngineLenSfcKmPoleSpeedLC
2008-1509-28-200820Fernando Alonso15Renault R28 / Renault RS275.067S309104.801158.1393
2009-1409-27-200920Lewis Hamilton 1McLaren MP4-24 / Mercedes FO 108W5.073S309107.891159.9162
2010-1509-26-201024Fernando Alonso 1Ferrari F10 / Ferrari 0565.073S309105.390157.4220
2011-1409-25-201124Sebastian Vettel 1Red Bull RB7 / Renault RS27-20115.073S309104.381155.8100
2012-1409-23-201224Sebastian Vettel 3Red Bull RB8 / Renault RS27-20125.073S299106.362149.0443
2013-1309-22-201322Sebastian Vettel 1Red Bull RB9 / Renault RS27-20135.065S309102.841155.4260
2014-1409-21-201422Lewis Hamilton 1Mercedes F1 W05 / Mercedes PU106A5.065S304105.681151.7804
2015-1309-20-201520Sebastian Vettel 1Ferrari SF15 T / Ferrari 059/45.065S309103.885152.6730
2016-1509-18-201622Nico Rosberg 1Mercedes F1 W07 / Mercedes PU106C5.065S309102.584159.9934
2017-1409-17-201720Lewis Hamilton 5Mercedes F1 W08 / Mercedes M08 EQ Power+5.065S29499.491142.7801
2018-1509-16-201820Lewis Hamilton 1Mercedes F1 W09 / Mercedes M09 EQ Power+5.065S30996.015166.7174
2019-1509-22-201920Sebastian Vettel 3Ferrari SF90 / Ferrari 0645.065S30996.217156.3573
2022-1810-02-202220Sergio Perez2Red Bull RB18 / Red Bull RBPTH0015.065S309109.412146.4380
2023-1509-17-202320Carlos Sainz, Jr.1Ferrari SF-23 / Ferrari 066/105.065S31490.984176.7130

14 races