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Devil's Bowl Speedway

West Haven, VT


ACT Late Model Tour Race Recaps

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ACT Late Model Tour
RaceDateCarsWinner(s)StMake / ModelLenSfcMilesPursePoleCauLapsSpeedLC
2011-0305-22-201132Brian Hoar11Dodge0.500P5601433.14012
2012-0305-06-201234Wayne Helliwell, Jr. 3Ford0.500P560745.7566
2013-0305-05-201330Wayne Helliwell, Jr. 2Ford0.500P5701144.2945
2013-0907-28-201325Wayne Helliwell, Jr. 1Ford0.500P7501736.6908
2014-0506-15-201434Brian Hoar12Dodge0.500P570552.4272
2015-0606-06-201526Joey Polewarczyk, Jr. 7Ford0.500P500099.5024
2016-0606-04-201628Nick Sweet 2Chevrolet0.500P500458.2905
2017-0205-20-201727Scott Payea 2Dodge0.500P590945.6936

8 races