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Craig Road Speedway

N. Las Vegas, NV


NASCAR K&N Pro Series West Race Recaps

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NASCAR K&N Pro Series West
RaceDateCarsWinner(s)StMake / ModelLenSfcMilesPursePoleCauLapsSpeedLC
1970-0908-07-197023Jack McCoy'70 Dodge0.250P384,20054.38164238.5381
1971-0505-09-197119Jimmy Insolo 4'69 Chevrolet0.250P384,50054.81143140.4195
1971-1707-30-197117Ray Elder 2'70 Dodge0.250P385,27559.13221347.8554
1972-1908-04-197224Hershel McGriff 3'70 Plymouth0.250P387,15055.04532144.8201
1974-1908-02-197417Jack McCoy 1'74 Dodge0.250P386,65031843.2690
1975-1108-01-197515Chuck Wahl 1 Chevrolet0.250P256,05054.7011433.6950
1977-1508-06-197718Bill Schmitt 6Chevrolet0.250P259,27556.81142142.0362
1978-1408-05-197819Ray Elder 5Dodge0.250P259,40059.38631945.0676
1979-0907-28-197915Bill Schmitt 6Pontiac0.250P258,82557.7990055.1001

9 races