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Circuit Riverside Speedway

Sainte-Croix, Quebec


ACT Late Model Tour Race Recaps

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ACT Late Model Tour
RaceDateCarsWinner(s)StMake / ModelLenSfcMilesPursePoleCauLapsSpeedLC
2006-0205-13-200629Donald Theetge 4Chevrolet0.625P6301041.6368
2007-0406-02-200728Donald Theetge 5Chevrolet0.625P630189.4281
2010-0908-14-201042Brian Hoar 2Dodge0.625P10701143.8164
2011-1109-11-201136Brian Hoar 2Dodge0.625P12501550.04411
2012-0808-25-201236Brian Hoar 5Dodge0.625P1250569.5634
2013-1208-24-201328Alex Labbe 3Ford0.625P12501946.5316
2014-0808-23-201433Joey Polewarczyk, Jr. 4Ford0.625P12501247.8324
2015-1008-22-201535Joey Polewarczyk, Jr. 6Ford0.625P9401057.5642

8 races