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Autodromo Oscar Alfredo Galvez

Buenos Aires, Argentina


Formula One Series Race Recaps

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RaceDateCarsWinner(s)StChassis / EngineLenSfcKmPoleSpeedLC
1953-0101-18-195316Alberto Ascari 1 Ferrari 500 / Ferrari 2.0 L43.912R379115.400125.7430
1954-0101-17-195418Juan Manuel Fangio 3 Maserati 250F / Maserati 2.5 L63.912R340104.800112.8738
1955-0101-16-195521Juan Manuel Fangio 3 Mercedes W196 / Mercedes 2.5 L83.912R376103.100124.7459
1956-0101-22-195613Luigi Musso 3 Lancia Ferrari D50 / Lancia Ferrari 2.5 V83.912R383102.500127.7564
1957-0101-13-195714Juan Manuel Fangio 2 Maserati 250F / Maserati 2.5 L63.912R391102.600129.7399
1958-0101-19-195810Stirling Moss 7 Cooper T43 / Climax 2.0 L43.912R313102.000134.5584
1960-0102-07-196022Bruce McLaren13 Cooper T51 / Climax 2.5 L43.912R31396.900136.2507
1972-0101-23-197222Jackie Stewart 2 Tyrrell 003 / Ford Cosworth DFV3.345R31872.460161.6241
1973-0101-28-197319Emerson Fittipaldi 2 Lotus 72D / Ford Cosworth DFV3.345R32170.540165.6682
1974-0101-13-197426Denny Hulme10 McLaren M23 / Ford Cosworth DFV5.968R316110.780187.8482
1975-0101-12-197523Emerson Fittipaldi 5 McLaren M23 / Ford Cosworth DFV5.968R316109.210190.8693
1977-0101-09-197721Jody Scheckter11Wolf WR1 / Ford Cosworth DFV5.968R316108.680189.4415
1978-0101-15-197824Mario Andretti 1Lotus 78 / Ford Cosworth DFV5.968R310107.750191.8330
1979-0101-21-197926Jacques Laffite 1Ligier JS11 / Ford Cosworth DFV5.968R316104.200197.5932
1980-0101-13-198024Alan Jones 1Williams FW07 / Ford Cosworth DFV5.968R316104.170183.5472
1981-0304-12-198124Nelson Piquet 1Brabham BT49C / Ford Cosworth DFV5.968R316102.665200.7610
1995-0204-09-199526Damon Hill 2Williams FW17 / Renault RS74.259R307113.241162.4745
1996-0304-07-199622Damon Hill 1Williams FW18 / Renault RS84.259R30790.346160.0990
1997-0304-13-199722Jacques Villeneuve 1Williams FW19 / Renault RS94.259R30784.473164.2342
1998-0304-12-199822Michael Schumacher 2Ferrari F300 / Ferrari Type 0474.259R30785.852169.4143

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