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Autodromo Enzo & Dino Ferrari

Imola, Italy


Formula One Series Race Recaps

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View Formula One Series driver stats at this track

RaceDateCarsWinner(s)StChassis / EngineLenSfcKmPoleSpeedLC
1980-1209-14-198024Nelson Piquet 5Brabham BT49 / Ford Cosworth DFV5.000R30093.988183.4532
1981-0405-03-198124Nelson Piquet 5Brabham BT49C / Ford Cosworth DFV5.040R30294.523162.8952
1982-0404-25-198214Didier Pironi 4Ferrari 126C2 / Ferrari 0215.040R30289.765187.7338
1983-0405-01-198326Patrick Tambay 3Ferrari 126C2B / Ferrari 0215.040R30291.238185.3813
1984-0405-06-198426Alain Prost 2McLaren MP4-2 / TAG Porsche P015.040R30288.517187.2551
1985-0305-05-198526Elio de Angelis 3Lotus 97T / Renault EF4B5.040R30287.327191.7992
1986-0304-27-198626Alain Prost 4McLaren MP4-2C / TAG Porsche P015.040R30285.050196.2083
1987-0205-03-198727Nigel Mansell 2Williams FW11B / Honda RA167E5.040R29785.826195.2014
1988-0205-01-198826Ayrton Senna 1McLaren MP4-4 / Honda RA168E5.040R30287.148195.7540
1989-0204-23-198926Ayrton Senna 1McLaren MP4-5 / Honda RA109A5.040R29286.010201.9390
1990-0305-13-199027Riccardo Patrese 3Williams FW13B / Renault RS25.040R30783.220202.8763
1991-0304-28-199126Ayrton Senna 1McLaren MP4-6 / Honda RA121E5.040R30781.877193.6712
1992-0505-17-199226Nigel Mansell 1Williams FW14B / Renault RS45.040R30281.842204.5960
1993-0404-25-199325Alain Prost 1Williams FW15C / Renault RS55.040R30782.070197.6252
1994-0305-01-199426Michael Schumacher 2Benetton B194 / Ford ECA Zetec-R5.040R29281.548198.2343
1995-0304-30-199526Damon Hill 4Williams FW17 / Renault RS74.895R35787.274181.9223
1996-0505-05-199621Damon Hill 2Williams FW18 / Renault RS84.892R30886.890193.7613
1997-0404-27-199722Heinz-Harald Frentzen 2Williams FW19 / Renault RS94.930R30683.303201.5093
1998-0404-26-199822David Coulthard 1McLaren MP4-13 / Mercedes-Benz FO110G4.930R30685.973194.2550
1999-0305-02-199922Michael Schumacher 3Ferrari F399 / Ferrari Type 0484.930R30686.362195.6302
2000-0304-09-200022Michael Schumacher 2Ferrari F1-2000 / Ferrari Type 0494.933R30684.714200.1981
2001-0404-15-200122Ralf Schumacher 3Williams FW23 / BMW P804.933R30683.054202.2191
2002-0404-14-200221Michael Schumacher 1Ferrari F2002 / Ferrari Type 0514.933R30681.091205.7732
2003-0404-20-200320Michael Schumacher 1Ferrari F2002 / Ferrari Type 0524.933R30682.327208.0564
2004-0404-25-200420Michael Schumacher 2Ferrari F2004 / Ferrari Type 0534.933R30679.753212.5711
2005-0404-24-200520Fernando Alonso 2Renault R25 / Renault RS254.933R306162.880209.2486
2006-0404-23-200622Michael Schumacher 1Ferrari 248 F1 / Ferrari 0564.933R30682.795201.4174
2020-1311-01-202020Lewis Hamilton 2Mercedes F1 W11 / Mercedes M114.909R30973.609209.5771
2021-0204-18-202120Max Verstappen 3Red Bull RB16B / Honda RA621H4.909R30974.411151.3833
2022-0404-24-202220Max Verstappen 1Red Bull RB18 / Red Bull RBPTH0014.909R309201.4040

30 races

FIA Formula Two Race Recaps

Click on the race number to see the results of that race.

View FIA Formula Two driver stats at this track

RaceDateCarsWinner(s)StChassis / EngineLenSfcKmPoleSpeedLC
2009-1309-19-200925Kazim Vasiliauskas 1Williams / Audi4.909R10398.468160.6570
2009-1409-20-200925Andy Soucek 3Williams / Audi4.909R7497.401146.2491

2 races