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Bob Aiello

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Born: Nov 07, 1967
Home: Covington, GA



ARCA Menards Series Owner Statistics

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ARCA Menards Series

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2000Anthony Hill 10000104003539.022.01276.60
2001Bob Aiello 20000220009225.014.52336.40
2002Bob Aiello 40000428005222.022.53646.20
2003Bob Aiello 40000525005025.316.53574.81
2003Travis Geisler 100102040012211.06.0181.61
2004Bob Aiello 10010197008932.010.0178.80
2004Bill Eversole 1001099006731.06.01198.00
2004Burt Ingle 40000262006634.326.32419.30
2004Ryan Thigpen 1000072001479.022.01108.00
2005Kyle Beattie 10000199001127.011.0179.60
2005Phil Bozell 50000435005524.622.64637.51
2005William Gillis 10000170015830.030.0017.00
2005Larry Hollenbeck 10000137007030.011.01205.50
2005Brett Hudson 700311321003613.715.06701.22
2005Burt Ingle 40000401006333.021.84720.50
2005Danny O'Quinn, Jr. 1000032003913.037.0048.00
2005Clair Zimmerman 1000024007029.038.0060.00
2006Kyle Beattie 100001970011716.015.0198.50
2006Tom Berte 10000191006833.023.01191.00
2006Jamie Carr 10000150015527.031.0015.00
2006William Gillis 10000970013225.021.0197.00
2006Brett Hudson 20000406008117.022.01299.60
2006Burt Ingle 20000153009530.526.52382.50
2006Brian Kaltreider 2000080007333.030.51212.80
7 years500061581600 24.420.7386,485.35