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Kenny Wallace

Winston Cup / Nextel Cup / Sprint Cup / Monster Energy Cup / NASCAR Cup DNQs or WDs

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RaceSitePosition#Sponsor / OwnerCar
1990-04Atlanta99Hope Motorsports   (Randy Hope)Pontiac
1992-05Darlington4524Dirt Devil   (Rusty Wallace)Pontiac
1995-01Daytona5081TIC Financial   (Fil Martocci)
Crew Chief:  Gil Martin
1995-03Richmond4081TIC Financial   (Fil Martocci)
Crew Chief:  Gil Martin
1995-04Atlanta4981TIC Financial   (Fil Martocci)
Crew Chief:  Gil Martin
1995-05Darlington4381TIC Financial   (Fil Martocci)
Crew Chief:  Gil Martin
1995-07North Wilkesboro3881TIC Financial   (Fil Martocci)
Crew Chief:  Gil Martin
1995-15Daytona4481TIC Financial   (Fil Martocci)
Crew Chief:  Gil Martin
1995-22Bristol3981TIC Financial   (Fil Martocci)
Crew Chief:  Gil Martin
1995-26Martinsville4281TIC Financial   (Fil Martocci)
Crew Chief:  Gil Martin
1995-28Charlotte4581TIC Financial   (Fil Martocci)
Crew Chief:  Gil Martin
1996-31Atlanta4681Square D   (Fil Martocci)Ford
1997-15Fontana4381Square D   (Fil Martocci)Ford
1998-01Daytona4581Square D   (Fil Martocci)Ford
1998-21Michigan4581Square D   (Fil Martocci)Ford
2001-09Talladega4427Subway   (Jack Birmingham)Pontiac
2001-14Michigan4827Duke's Mayonnaise / Sauer's   (Jack Birmingham)Pontiac
2001-15Pocono4527Sauer's   (Jack Birmingham)Pontiac
2001-16Sonoma4427Duke's Mayonnaise / Ultimate TV   (Jack Birmingham)Pontiac
2004-17Daytona4800Aaron's   (Michael Waltrip)Chevrolet
2004-23Michigan4800Aaron's   (Michael Waltrip)Chevrolet
2004-31Charlotte4400Aaron's   (Michael Waltrip)Chevrolet
2004-33Atlanta5800Aaron's / Mad Magazine   (Michael Waltrip)Chevrolet
2005-09Talladega4600Aaron's Dream Machine 50th Anniversary   (Michael Waltrip)Chevrolet
2005-17Daytona4500Aaron's Dream Machine   (Bill Davis)Dodge
2005-18Chicago4492State Fair Corn Dogs   (Bob Jenkins)Chevrolet
2005-21Indianapolis5100Aaron's Dream Machine 50th Anniversary   (Michael Waltrip)Chevrolet
2005-30KansasWD78Furniture Row   (Barney Visser)Chevrolet
2006-01Daytona4578Furniture Row Racing   (Barney Visser)
Crew Chief:  Joe Garone
2006-04Atlanta4878Furniture Row / Bench Warmers   (Barney Visser)Chevrolet
2006-05Bristol4478Furniture Row Racing   (Barney Visser)Chevrolet
2006-06Martinsville4678Furniture Row Racing   (Barney Visser)Chevrolet
2006-07Fort Worth4678Furniture Row Racing   (Barney Visser)Chevrolet
2006-09Talladega4978National Day of Prayer   (Barney Visser)Chevrolet
2006-11Darlington4578Furniture Row Racing   (Barney Visser)Chevrolet
2006-17Daytona4678Furniture Row Racing   (Barney Visser)Chevrolet
2006-23Michigan4778Furniture Row Racing   (Barney Visser)Chevrolet
2006-27Loudon4778Furniture Row Racing   (Barney Visser)Chevrolet
2006-28Dover4578Furniture Row Racing   (Barney Visser)Chevrolet
2006-31Charlotte5178Furniture Row Racing   (Barney Visser)Chevrolet
2006-35Phoenix4978Furniture Row Racing   (Barney Visser)Chevrolet
2006-36Homestead4778Furniture Row Racing   (Barney Visser)Chevrolet
2007-01Daytona4778Furniture Row Racing   (Barney Visser)Chevrolet
2007-02Fontana5078Furniture Row Racing   (Barney Visser)Chevrolet
2007-04Atlanta4878Furniture Row Racing   (Barney Visser)Chevrolet
2007-06Martinsville4678Furniture Row Racing   (Barney Visser)Chevrolet
2007-13Dover4678Furniture Row Racing   (Barney Visser)Chevrolet
2007-14Pocono4578Furniture Row Racing   (Barney Visser)Chevrolet
2007-15Michigan4978Furniture Row Racing   (Barney Visser)Chevrolet
2007-16Sonoma5178Furniture Row Racing   (Barney Visser)Chevrolet
2007-17Loudon4578Furniture Row Racing   (Barney Visser)Chevrolet
2007-19Chicago4978Furniture Row Racing   (Barney Visser)Chevrolet
2007-20Indianapolis4978Furniture Row Racing   (Barney Visser)Chevrolet
2007-21Pocono4778Furniture Row Racing   (Barney Visser)Chevrolet
2008-02FontanaWD87Furniture Row / Denver Mattress   (Barney Visser)Chevrolet
2008-14PoconoWD87Furniture Row   (Barney Visser)Chevrolet
2012-01Daytona4409American Ethanol   (Robby Benton)
Crew Chief:  Scott Zipadelli
2013-28LoudonDC55Aaron's Dream Machine   (Michael Waltrip)
Crew Chief:  Rodney Childers