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Dale Coyne


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RaceSitePosition#Sponsor / OwnerCar
1984-06Meadowlands45Dale Coyne Racing
1984-07Cleveland45Dale Coyne Racing
1984-08Michigan45Dale Coyne Racing
1984-09Elkhart Lake45Dale Coyne Racing
1984-14Phoenix45Dale Coyne Racing
1984-15Laguna Seca45Dale Coyne Racing
1985-01Long Beach19Dale Coyne Racing   (Dale Coyne)Lola / Chevy
1985-03Milwaukee19Dale Coyne RacingLola / Chevy
1985-04Portland19Dale Coyne Racing   (Dale Coyne)Lola / Chevy
1985-05Meadowlands19Dale Coyne Racing   (Dale Coyne)Lola / Chevy
1985-06Cleveland19Dale Coyne Racing   (Dale Coyne)Lola / Chevy
1985-12Michigan19Dale Coyne Racing   (Dale Coyne)Lola / Chevy
1985-14Phoenix19Dale Coyne Racing   (Dale Coyne)Lola / Chevy
1985-15Miami19Dale Coyne Racing   (Dale Coyne)Lola / Chevy
1986-01Phoenix19Dale Coyne Racing   (Dale Coyne)DC-1 / Chevy
1986-06Meadowlands19Dale Coyne Racing   (Dale Coyne)DC-1 / Chevy
1986-08Toronto19Dale Coyne Racing   (Dale Coyne)DC-1 / Chevy
1986-09Michigan19Dale Coyne Racing   (Dale Coyne)DC-1 / Chevy
1986-13Michigan19Dale Coyne Racing   (Dale Coyne)DC-1 / Chevy
1986-15Laguna Seca19Dale Coyne Racing   (Dale Coyne)DC-1 / Chevy
1986-16Phoenix19Dale Coyne Racing   (Dale Coyne)DC-1 / Chevy
1987-01Long Beach19Dale Coyne Racing   (Dale Coyne)
1987-02Phoenix19Dale Coyne Racing   (Dale Coyne)
1987-04Milwaukee19Dale Coyne Racing   (Dale Coyne)
1987-09Michigan19Dale Coyne Racing   (Dale Coyne)
1987-13Nazareth19Dale Coyne Racing   (Dale Coyne)
1987-15Miami19Dale Coyne Racing   (Dale Coyne)
1988-01Phoenix19Coyne Racing   (Dale Coyne)
1988-03Indianapolis39Dale Coyne Racing   (Dale Coyne)
1988-10Pocono19Coyne Racing   (Dale Coyne)
1988-12Elkhart Lake19Coyne Racing   (Dale Coyne)March / Chevy
1988-13Nazareth19Coyne Racing   (Dale Coyne)
1991-06Detroit19AMP / Orbit   (Dale Coyne)