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NASCAR Race Tickets

Pacific Coast Speedway

Tacoma, WA


AAA / USAC Champ Car Series Race Recaps

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RaceDateCarsWinner(s)StChassis / EngineLenSfcMilesPursePoleCauLapsSpeedLC
1914-0407-03-191421Hughie Hughes Maxwell2.000D200074.2854
1914-0507-04-191419Earl Cooper Stutz / Wisconsin2.000D250073.440
1915-1307-04-191515Glover Ruckstell Mercer2.000W250084.722
1915-1407-05-19158Eddie Pullen Mercer2.000W200084.9602
1916-0708-05-191614Eddie Rickenbacker 3 Maxwell / Maxwell2.000W300089.2508
1917-0809-03-19175Earl Cooper Stutz / Stutz2.000W100087.1461
1918-0607-04-19185Cliff Durant Stutz / Stutz2.000W24098.960
1918-0707-04-19185Cliff Durant 1 Stutz / Stutz2.000W50097.950
1918-0807-04-19185Eddie Hearne 3 Duesenberg / Duesenberg2.000W76094.290
1919-0907-14-19195Ralph Mulford Frontenac / Frontenac2.000W40099.830
1919-1007-14-19195Louis Chevrolet 3 Frontenac / Frontenac2.000W60097.860
1919-1107-14-19195Louis Chevrolet 1 Frontenac / Frontenac2.000W80097.160
1920-0307-05-192012Tommy Milton 1 Duesenberg / Duesenberg2.000W200099.00083.6432
1921-1407-04-192110Tommy Milton 1 Miller / Miller2.000W250097.0904
1922-1307-04-192211Jimmy Murphy 1 Duesenberg / Miller2.000W250097.4514

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