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Knoxville Raceway

Knoxville, IA


Camping World Truck Series Race Recaps

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Camping World Truck Series
RaceDateTrucksWinner(s)StMake / ModelLenSfcMilesPursePoleCauLapsSpeedLC
2021-1407-09-202140Austin Hill13Toyota0.500D900 148036.80220

1 race

Exhibition / Unclassified Race Recaps

Click on the race number to see the results of that race.

RaceDateCarsWinner(s)StMake / ModelLenSfcMilesPursePoleCauLapsSpeedLC
1999-0508-14-199924Mark Kinser 7Sprint Car0.500D150   0.0001
2000-0608-12-200024Mark Kinser 3Sprint Car0.500D150   0.0003
2001-0608-11-200124Danny Lasoski 2Sprint Car0.500D150   0.0001
2002-0408-10-200224Steve Kinser 2Sprint Car0.500D150   0.0001
2003-0708-16-200324Danny Lasoski 4Sprint Car0.500D150   0.0001
2004-0708-14-200424Danny Lasoski 4Sprint Car0.500D150   0.0001
2005-0608-14-200524Kraig Kinser 1Sprint Car0.500D150   0.0000
2006-0608-12-200624Donny Schatz 1Sprint Car0.500D150   0.0004
2007-0808-11-200724Donny Schatz 1Sprint Car0.500D150   0.0000
2008-1008-09-200824Donny Schatz 4Sprint Car0.500D150   0.0002
2009-1208-16-200924Donny Schatz6Sprint Car0.500D200   0.0002
2010-1108-14-201024Tim Shaffer 7Sprint Car0.500D250   0.0005
2011-1308-13-201124Donny Schatz13Sprint Car0.500D250   45.9395
2012-1608-11-201224Donny Schatz5Sprint Car0.500D250   60.5001
2013-3108-10-201325Donny Schatz21Sprint Car0.500D250   38.6512
2014-2308-09-201425Donny Schatz 1Sprint Car0.500D250   0.0002
2015-2208-15-201525Donny Schatz 1Sprint Car0.500D250   0.0000
2016-2608-13-201625Jason Johnson 2Sprint Car0.500D250   98.6846
2017-1608-12-201724Donny Schatz 2Sprint Car0.500D250 4041.4941
2018-1308-11-201825Brad Sweet 1Sprint Car0.500D250   0.0002
2019-1408-10-201924David Gravel 2Sprint Car0.500D250   39.3083

21 races