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Max Zachem

NASCAR Whelen Modified Tour Results (top 10s)

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RaceSiteCarsStFin#Sponsor / OwnerCarLapsMoneyStatusLed
2013-14Thompson29 8620Dunleavy Rpr. / Hitchcock Pool Water   (Mike Smeriglio III)Ford150/1500running0
2014-13Thompson3619920Dunleavy's Repair / Lu-Mac's   (Michael Grimaldi)Chevrolet151/1510running0
2015-03Waterford3333414Lu-Mac's Package Store / Broadbrook   (Ken Zachem)Chevrolet165/1650running0
2016-02Stafford Springs32151020Lu-Mac's Package Store / VWS   (Ken Zachem)Chevrolet200/2000running0
2016-03Waterford2813220Lu-Mac's Package Store / VWS   (Ken Zachem)Chevrolet161/1610running1
2016-04Stafford Springs26181020Lu-Mac's Package Store / VWS   (Ken Zachem)Chevrolet130/1300running0
2016-05Thompson2918220Lu-Mac's Package Store / VWS   (Ken Zachem)Chevrolet125/1250running43
2016-06Riverhead27 8620Lu-Mac's Package Store / VWS   (Ken Zachem)Chevrolet212/2120running0
2016-08Monadnock23 5720Lu-Mac's Package Store / VWS   (Ken Zachem)Chevrolet199/2000running0
2016-09Stafford Springs2518720Lu-Mac's Package Store / VWS   (Ken Zachem)Chevrolet157/1570running0
2016-10Thompson2516620Lu-Mac's Package Store / VWS   (Ken Zachem)Chevrolet150/1500running0
2016-12Riverhead2916820Lu-Mac's Package Store / East End Statuary   (Ken Zachem)Chevrolet200/2000running0
2016-15Loudon2619820Lu-Mac's Package Store / VWS   (Ken Zachem)Chevrolet106/1060running0
2016-16Stafford Springs2511720Lu-Mac's Package Store / VWS   (Ken Zachem)Chevrolet150/1500running0
2017-01Myrtle Beach29 4520MPZ Motorsports / Lu-Macs   (Ken Zachem)Chevrolet155/1550running0
2017-02Thompson3113320MPZ Motorsports / Lu-Macs   (Ken Zachem)Chevrolet150/1500running0
2017-04Hampton2510420MPZ Motorsports / Lu-Macs   (Ken Zachem)Chevrolet156/1560running0
2017-05Thompson28 91020Anytime Realty / Lu-Mac's   (Ken Zachem)Chevrolet125/1250running0
2017-06Riverhead26151020Anytime Rental / East End Statuary   (Ken Zachem)Chevrolet207/2080running0
2017-07Loudon31 5820Course Legend / Robert B. Our Co.   (Ken Zachem)Chevrolet105/1050running0
2017-11Seekonk2512820Anytime Realty / Robert B. Our Co.   (Ken Zachem)Chevrolet150/1500running0
2017-12Oswego2115820Anytime Realty / Robert B. Our Co.   (Ken Zachem)Chevrolet150/1500running0
2019-04Stafford Springs3417420BB Motorsports / MPZ Trucking   (Bruce Bachta)Chevrolet200/2000running0
2019-07Thompson3112920BB Motorsports / MPZ Trucking   (Bruce Bachta)Chevrolet125/1250running0