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Dave Whitlock

CASCAR Super Series Results (top 5s)

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RaceSiteCarsStFin#Sponsor / OwnerCarLapsMoneyStatusLed
1998-01Calgary35 8498Quality Care Service   (Dave Whitlock)Ford300/3000running0
1998-02Edmonton3112498Dave WhitlockFord110/1100running
2000-02Calgary3115498Ford Quality Care ServiceFord298/3000running0
2000-04Delaware3917398Ford Quality Care ServiceFord300/3000running1
2001-01Delaware38 1398Motorcraft Quality Parts   (Dave Whitlock)Ford250/2500running75
2001-05Kawartha27 2498Motorcraft Quality Parts   (Dave Whitlock)Ford150/1500running0
2001-09Hamilton3211198Motorcraft Quality Parts   (Dave Whitlock)Ford250/2500running1
2001-10Calgary29 6198Motorcraft Quality Parts   (Dave Whitlock)Ford300/3000running47
2002-01Delaware3823439Fast Lane / Ford Motor Company   (Dave Whitlock)Ford250/2500running0
2002-03St. Eustache30 1139Fast Lane / Ford Motor Company   (Dave Whitlock)Ford97/970running95
2002-05Bowmanville33 8239Fast Lane / Ford Motor Company   (Dave Whitlock)Ford250/2500running36
2002-10Montmagny2311139Fast Lane / Ford Motor Company   (Dave Whitlock)Ford200/2000running32
2002-12Delaware38 3339Fast Lane / Ford Motor Company   (Dave Whitlock)Ford300/3000running0
2003-01Delaware3211139APC / Artcal   (Dave Whitlock)Dodge300/3000running14
2003-02Peterborough26 6539APC / Kawartha Speedway   (Dave Whitlock)Dodge200/2000running0
2003-06Calgary28 8139Avenue West AC Delco / NMT   (Dave Whitlock)Dodge300/3000running13
2003-09Bowmanville21 2439Unitec / NMT   (Dave Whitlock)Dodge200/2000running0
2003-11Peterborough21 5139Unitec / NMT   (Dave Whitlock)Dodge200/2000running4
2003-12Hamilton3210239Unitec / NMT   (Dave Whitlock)Dodge200/2000running83
2004-01Delaware36 2539Avenue / NMT   (Dave Whitlock)Dodge250/2500running81
2004-02Hamilton32 5339Avenue / NMT   (Dave Whitlock)Dodge200/2000running0
2004-03Peterborough23 1239Avenue / NMT   (Dave Whitlock)Dodge200/2000running70
2004-05Hamilton3316139Avenue / NMT   (Dave Whitlock)Dodge200/2000running6
2004-08Calgary25 5139Avenue Motor Works   (Dave Whitlock)Dodge300/3000running7
2004-09Bowmanville26 2439Avenue Motor Works   (Dave Whitlock)Dodge200/2000running0
2004-11Delaware35 2239Avenue Motor Works / NMT   (Dave Whitlock)Dodge300/3000running74
2005-01Delaware30 2239Avenue Motor Works / NMT   (Dave Whitlock)Dodge250/2500running105
2005-04Barrie2211539Avenue Motor Works / NMT   (Dave Whitlock)Dodge300/3000running0
2005-09Peterborough23 7339Avenue Motor Works / NMT   (Dave Whitlock)Dodge200/2000running0
2005-11Hamilton28 6339Avenue Motor Works / NMT   (Dave Whitlock)Dodge200/2000running0
2005-12Kawartha29 2239Avenue Motor Works / NMT   (Dave Whitlock)Dodge250/2500running0
2006-02Bowmanville31 9539NTN Bower / NMT   (Dave Whitlock)Dodge51/510running3
2006-03Barrie22 7339NTN Bower / NMT   (Dave Whitlock)Dodge300/3000running0
2006-07Bowmanville2310139NTN Bower / Griddly Headz / NMT   (Dave Whitlock)Dodge200/2000running31
2006-09Hamilton27 3139NTN Bower / Griddly Headz / NMT   (Dave Whitlock)Dodge200/2000running58