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Ander Vilarino

Whelen Euro Elite 1 Results (podiums)

(2017-present only)

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RaceSiteCarsStFin#Sponsor / OwnerCarLapsMoneyStatusLed
2012-01Nogaro24 112TFT / Banco SantanderCamaro14/140running5
2012-02Nogaro24 212TFT / Banco SantanderCamaro18/180running14
2012-03Brands Hatch22 212TFT / Banco SantanderCamaro25/250running15
2012-04Brands Hatch22 122TFT / Banco SantanderCamaro24/240running13
2012-05Spa Francorchamps22 112TFT / Banco SantanderCamaro10/100running10
2012-06Spa Francorchamps22 122TFT / Banco SantanderCamaro9/90running0
2012-07Valencia22 212TFT / Banco SantanderCamaro15/150running15
2012-08Valencia22 212TFT / Banco SantanderCamaro17/170running14
2013-01Nogaro22 112TFT / Banco SantanderCamaro18/180running18
2013-02Nogaro22 112TFT / Banco SantanderCamaro16/160running6
2013-03Dijon-Prenois21 112TFT / Banco SantanderCamaro19/190running19
2013-04Dijon-Prenois21 112TFT / Banco SantanderCamaro22/220running22
2013-05Brands Hatch22 212TFT / Banco SantanderCamaro27/270running6
2013-06Brands Hatch22 112TFT / Banco SantanderCamaro31/310running31
2013-09Monza24 112TFT / Banco SantanderChevrolet15/150running12
2013-10Monza24 132TFT / Banco SantanderChevrolet15/150running0
2014-02Valencia27 112TFT / Banco SantanderChevrolet13/130running13
2014-03Brands Hatch28 332TFT / Banco SantanderChevrolet20/200running0
2014-04Brands Hatch28 112TFT / Banco SantanderChevrolet27/270running27
2014-05Tours24 412TFT / Banco SantanderChevrolet84/840running24
2014-06Tours24 222TFT / Banco SantanderChevrolet75/750running50
2014-07Nurburgring25 122TFT / Banco SantanderChevrolet18/180running0
2014-09Magione23 212TFT / Banco SantanderChevrolet25/250running21
2014-10Magione23 122TFT / Banco SantanderChevrolet25/250running0
2014-11Le Mans25 132TFT / Banco SantanderChevrolet16/160running0
2015-01Valencia25 422TFT / Banco SantanderChevrolet16/160running0
2015-02Valencia25 112TFT / Banco SantanderChevrolet16/160running16
2015-04Venray22 522TFT / Banco SantanderChevrolet60/600running0
2015-05Brands Hatch25 432TFT / Banco SantanderChevrolet30/300running0
2015-06Brands Hatch25 412TFT / Banco SantanderChevrolet30/300running15
2015-07Tours22 332TFT / Banco SantanderChevrolet75/750running
2015-08Tours22 112TFT / Banco SantanderChevrolet75/750running75
2015-09Magione24 422TFT / Banco SantanderChevrolet25/250running0
2019-01Valencia31 1148Ford   (Racing Engineering)Ford18/180running18
2019-02Valencia31 1148Ford   (Racing Engineering)Ford18/180running18