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Irwin Vences

NASCAR Peak Mexico Series Results (top 10s)

(2011-present only)

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RaceSiteCarsStFin#Sponsor / OwnerCarLapsMoneyStatusLed
2008-01Queretaro33 6664Fitz / Contreras / Vazquez   (Sergio Mayer) 52/520running0
2008-02Mexico City3617564Fitz / Contreras / Vazquez   (Sergio Mayer) 40/400running8
2008-06Puebla3114664Fitz / Contreras / Vazquez   (Sergio Mayer) 95/950running0
2008-09Guadalajara3211264Fitz / Contreras / Vazquez   (Sergio Mayer) 114/1140running0
2008-10Puebla30 8964Fitz / Contreras / Vazquez   (Sergio Mayer) 100/1000running2
2008-11Queretaro3013864Fitz / Contreras / Vazquez   (Sergio Mayer) 63/630running0
2008-12San Luis Potosi28191064Fitz / Contreras / Vazquez   (Sergio Mayer) 150/1500running0
2008-13Chiapas2819764Fitz / Contreras / Vazquez   (Sergio Mayer) 124/1240running0
2009-01Aguascalientes2723522Multi Pack / Motorcraft   (Luis A. Tame)Ford143/1430running0
2009-04Puebla31171022Multi Pack / Motorcraft   (Luis A. Tame)Ford97/970running
2009-05Queretaro3111822Multi Pack / Motorcraft   (Luis A. Tame)Ford68/680running
2009-06Guadalajara3021922Multi Pack / Motorcraft   (Luis A. Tame)Ford130/1300running
2009-10Monterrey29 4222Multi Pack / Motorcraft   (Luis A. Tame)Ford99/990running
2009-12Mexico City3214722Multi Pack / Motorcraft   (Luis A. Tame)Ford102/1020running
2010-04Chiapas33271022Multi Pack / Motorcraft   (Luis A. Tame)Ford198/2000running
2010-06Puebla35 8422Multi Pack / Motorcraft   (Luis A. Tame)Ford57/570running
2010-12Puebla3419822Multi Pack / Motorcraft   (Luis A. Tame)Ford120/1200running
2010-13Chiapas33 7522Multi Pack / Motorcraft   (Luis A. Tame)Ford180/1800running
2011-03Aguascalientes3412722Multipack 171/1710running
2011-05Queretaro33 4422MultipackToyota144/1440running0
2011-06Puebla34 7422MultipackToyota120/1200running0
2011-07Mexico City36151022MultipackToyota148/1480running0
2011-12San Luis Potosi3211322MultipackToyota183/1830running44
2012-03Queretaro34 546Chick'sDodge166/1660running37
2012-04Mexico City3424106Chick'sDodge161/1610running0
2012-07Mexico City322776Chick'sDodge149/1500running0
2012-10Aguascalientes35 9829Chick'sToyota171/1710running0
2012-11Puebla34 91029Chick'sToyota120/1200running0
2013-01Phoenix26 7846Takis / Barcel USAToyota75/750running0
2013-02San Luis Potosi34231046Chick's Es Clasico / Ice ShotToyota250/2500running0
2013-05Chihuahua34 5846Chick's Es Clasico / Ice ShotToyota240/2400running64
2013-08Monterrey3314246Chick's Es Clasico / Ice ShotToyota65/650running11
2013-10Mexico City3512146Chick's Es Clasico / Ice ShotToyota150/1500running48
2013-11San Luis Potosi34 2446Chick's Es Clasico / Ice ShotToyota167/1670running0
2013-14Chiapas3311346Chick's Es Clasico / Ice ShotToyota139/1390running0
2014-05San Luis Potosi3526346JV Motorsports / M Racing   (Jordi Vidal)Toyota250/2500running0
2014-06Queretaro3417946Axtel / HP / M Racing   (Jordi Vidal)Toyota157/1570running0
2014-08Aguascalientes35 3346Axtel / HP / Ericsson / M Racing   (Jordi Vidal)Toyota171/1710running51
2014-09Queretaro33 2346Axtel / HP / M Racing   (Jordi Vidal)Toyota157/1570running43
2014-10Puebla34 1146Axtel / HP / M Racing   (Jordi Vidal)Toyota120/1200running120
2014-12San Luis Potosi31 4146Axtel / HP / M Racing   (Jordi Vidal)Toyota250/2500running74
2014-15Puebla3612346Axtel / HP / M Racing   (Jordi Vidal)Toyota127/1270running0
2015-01Phoenix28 6846Axtel / Avaya / Xportal / M Racing   (Jordi Vidal)Ford120/1200running0
2015-02San Luis Potosi3117346Axtel / Avaya / M RacingFord196/1960running0
2015-03Chiapas29 3346Axtel / Avaya / M RacingFord175/1750running0
2015-04Queretaro2827946Axtel / Avaya / M RacingFord154/1540running0
2015-05Puebla25 2146Axtel / Avaya / M RacingFord102/1020running96
2015-06Aguascalientes2525846Axtel / Avaya / M RacingFord171/1710running0
2015-07Chihuahua24 3246Axtel / Avaya / M RacingFord235/2350running11
2015-08San Luis Potosi24 2146Axtel / Avaya / M RacingFord242/2420running175
2015-09Puebla25 2146Axtel / Avaya / M RacingFord120/1200running39
2015-10San Luis Potosi24 1546Axtel / Avaya / M RacingFord226/2260running13
2015-11Chihuahua21 1746Axtel / Avaya / M RacingFord240/2400running13
2017-06Aguascalientes30241046Vences / JV Motorsports   (Jordi Alonso Vidal)Toyota146/1470running0
2017-08Queretaro31 7146Vences / JV Motorsports   (Jordi Alonso Vidal)Toyota119/1190running78
2018-01Monterrey23 7246Interjet / Galem / Apy / M Racing   (Jordi Vidal)Toyota31/310running0
2018-02San Luis Potosi2515146Interjet / Galem / Apy   (Jordi Vidal)Toyota164/1640running84
2018-04Guadalajara23 7146Interjet / Galem / Apy   (Jordi Vidal)Toyota121/1210running
2018-05Puebla2315646Interjet / Galem / Apy   (Jordi Vidal)Toyota43/430running0
2018-06Aguascalientes24446Interjet / Galem / Apy   (Jordi Vidal)Toyota143/1430running0
2018-07Queretaro2412646Interjet / Galem / Apy   (Jordi Vidal)Toyota33/330running0
2018-08Puebla2320246Interjet / Galem / Apy   (Jordi Vidal)Toyota89/890running0
2018-09Chiapas25 2146Interjet / Galem / Apy   (Jordi Vidal)Toyota142/1420running60
2018-10Aguascalientes22 9346Interjet / Galem / Apy   (Jordi Vidal)Toyota51/510running0
2018-12Mexico City25 9446Interjet / Galem / Apy   (Jordi Vidal)Toyota48/480running0
2019-01Monterrey21 7246Escuderia GT / Ruffles Racing   (Jordi Vidal)Toyota54/540running0
2019-04Aguascalientes21 1346Escuderia GT / Ruffles Racing   (Jordi Vidal)Toyota48/480running3
2019-05Puebla20 8346Escuderia GT / Ruffles Racing   (Jordi Vidal)Toyota75/750running0
2019-06Chihuahua26 5246Escuderia GT / Ruffles Racing   (Jordi Vidal)Toyota240/2400running4
2019-07Queretaro19 4246Escuderia GT / Ruffles Racing   (Jordi Vidal)Toyota160/1600running40
2019-09Guadalajara2214346Escuderia GT / Ruffles Racing   (Jordi Vidal)Toyota158/1580running0
2019-10Puebla18 4146Escuderia GT / Ruffles Racing   (Jordi Vidal)Toyota140/1400running122
2019-11Aguascalientes19 3246Escuderia GT / Ruffles Racing   (Jordi Vidal)Toyota159/1590running74
2019-12Mexico City2510246Escuderia GT / Ruffles Racing   (Jordi Vidal)Toyota120/1200running0