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Jonathan Shafer

CARS Late Model Stock Tour Results (races)

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RaceSiteCarsStFin#Sponsor / OwnerCarLapsMoneyStatusLed   (Barry Nelson)Toyota150/1501,400running0 /   (Barry Nelson)Toyota125/125800running0
2020-03Hickory25   (Barry Nelson)Toyota150/1501,300running0
2020-04Hickory24 /   (Barry Nelson)Toyota125/1251,300running0
2020-05Thornburg20 /   (Barry Nelson)Toyota125/1252,250running58 /   (Barry Nelson)Toyota125/1251,350running0
2020-07Hampton24 /   (Barry Nelson)Toyota125/125950running0 /   (Barry Nelson)Toyota61/90800crash0   (Barry Nelson)Toyota121/1251,300running0
2021-01Dillon21131891Solid Rock Carriers / Toyota   (Lee Pulliam)Toyota124/125950running0
2021-02Hickory24101791Solid Rock Carriers / Toyota   (Lee Pulliam)Toyota150/150950running0
2021-03Rougemont28172391Solid Rock Carriers / Toyota   (Lee Pulliam)Toyota162/2001,400crash0
2021-04Altamahaw1910591Solid Rock Carriers / Toyota   (Lee Pulliam)Toyota125/1251,650running0
2021-05Caraway22151291Solid Rock Carriers / Toyota   (Lee Pulliam)Toyota125/1251,000running0
2021-06Hampton20 6891Solid Rock Carriers / Toyota   (Lee Pulliam)Toyota125/1251,500running0
2021-07Thornburg22151591Solid Rock Carriers / Toyota   (Lee Pulliam)Toyota125/125950running0
2021-08Hickory29 31125Solid Rock Carriers / Toyota   (Lee Pulliam)Toyota138/1381,100running0
2021-09Radford2112591Solid Rock Carriers / Toyota   (Lee Pulliam)Toyota125/1251,800running0
2021-10Tri-County22 4691Solid Rock Carriers / Toyota   (Lee Pulliam)Toyota125/1251,550running0
2021-11Florence20 61491Solid Rock Carriers / Toyota   (Lee Pulliam)Toyota125/125950running0
2021-12Raleigh1713391Solid Rock Carriers / Toyota   (Lee Pulliam)Toyota125/1253,950running0
2021-13South Boston25 7491Solid Rock Carriers / Toyota   (Lee Pulliam)Toyota125/1252,150running0
2022-01Caraway34 52291Toyota   (R&S Race Cars)Toyota110/2001,400crash0
2022-02Hickory27122691Toyota / R&S Race Cars   (R&S Race Cars)Toyota100/1501,100crash0
2022-03Greenville28 51891Toyota / R&S Race Cars   (R&S Race Cars)Toyota123/1251,250fuel0
2022-04Jacksonville22 61191Toyota / R&S Race Cars   (R&S Race Cars)Toyota125/1251,450running0
2022-05Callaway27201491Toyota / R&S Race Cars   (R&S Race Cars)Toyota122/1251,250running0