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Eddie Pullen

AAA / USAC Champ Car Series Results (top 5s)

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RaceSiteCarsStFin#Sponsor / OwnerChassis / EngineLapsMoneyStatusLed
1912-05Tacoma5112Mercer MotorsMercer30/300running18
1912-10Elgin6 1231Mercer MotorsMercer18/180running0
1912-16Milwaukee8 6417Mercer MotorsMercer22/280transmission4
1912-18Coney Island13 44Mercer MotorsMercer95/1000running
1914-02Santa Monica19 414Mercer MotorsMercer48/480running19
1914-11Elgin28 628Mercer MotorsMercer36/360running0
1914-15Corona20 714Mercer MotorsMercer109/1090running51
1915-05San Francisco31 434Mercer MotorsMercer77/770running7
1915-13Tacoma1534Mercer MotorsMercer125/1250running
1915-14Tacoma814Mercer MotorsMercer100/1000running73
1916-10Sheepshead Bay3154Mercer MotorsMercer / Mercer125/1250running
1916-15Los Angeles12 334Mercer MotorsMercer / Mercer150/1500running0
1917-01Los Angeles11 324Mercer MotorsMercer / Mercer100/1000running1
1918-06Tacoma54Mercer MotorsMercer / Mercer12/120running
1918-07Tacoma5 45Mercer MotorsMercer / Mercer2/250dnf
1918-08Tacoma5 54Mercer MotorsMercer / Mercer38/380running
1919-01Santa Monica17 444Hudson Motor CarHudson / Hudson34/340running0
1919-02Los Angeles9 134Hudson Motor CarHudson / Hudson150/1500running
1921-06Beverly Hills8 559Duesenberg Straight 8Duesenberg / Duesenberg20/200running7
1921-07Beverly Hills7 419Duesenberg Straight 8Duesenberg / Duesenberg20/200running9
1921-10Beverly Hills6 639Duesenberg Straight 8Duesenberg / Duesenberg40/400running0
1921-11Fresno10 349Duesenberg Straight 8Duesenberg / Duesenberg150/1500running0