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Edoardo Piscopo

A1 Grand Prix Results (races)

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RaceSiteCarsStFin#Sponsor / OwnerCarLapsMoneyStatusLed
2007-07Zhuhai221611ITAA1 Team Italy   (Team Ghinzani)Lola / Zytek13/130running0
2007-08Zhuhai222120ITAA1 Team Italy   (Team Ghinzani)Lola / Zytek1/450crash0
2007-09Taupo221212ITAA1 Team Italy   (Team Ghinzani)Lola / Zytek14/140running0
2007-10Taupo221620ITAA1 Team Italy   (Team Ghinzani)Lola / Zytek3/500crash0
2007-11Sydney222013ITAA1 Team Italy   (Team Ghinzani)Lola / Zytek14/140running0
2007-12Sydney221914ITAA1 Team Italy   (Team Ghinzani)Lola / Zytek41/420running0
2007-13Durban221514ITAA1 Team Italy   (Team Ghinzani)Lola / Zytek11/110running0
2007-14Durban22178ITAA1 Team Italy   (Team Ghinzani)Lola / Zytek41/4120,000running0
2007-15Mexico City221011ITAA1 Team Italy   (Team Ghinzani)Lola / Zytek14/140running0
2007-16Mexico City221222ITAA1 Team Italy   (Team Ghinzani)Lola / Zytek2/470did not finish0
2007-17Shanghai22128ITAA1 Team Italy   (Team Ghinzani)Lola / Zytek10/1010,000running0
2007-18Shanghai221112ITAA1 Team Italy   (Team Ghinzani)Lola / Zytek38/380running0
2007-19Brands Hatch221717ITAA1 Team Italy   (Team Ghinzani)Lola / Zytek15/150running0
2007-20Brands Hatch22169ITAA1 Team Italy   (Team Ghinzani)Lola / Zytek48/4813,000running0
2008-03Chengdu201514ITAA1 Team Italy   (Team Ghinzani)Ferrari / Ferrari18/180running0
2008-04Chengdu201919ITAA1 Team Italy   (Team Ghinzani)Ferrari / Ferrari30/510mechanical0
2008-05Sepang2057ITAA1 Team Italy   (Team Ghinzani)Ferrari / Ferrari11/1115,000running0
2008-06Sepang201811ITAA1 Team Italy   (Team Ghinzani)Ferrari / Ferrari34/340running0
2008-07Taupo1987ITAA1 Team Italy   (Team Ghinzani)Ferrari / Ferrari15/1515,000running0
2008-08Taupo19158ITAA1 Team Italy   (Team Ghinzani)Ferrari / Ferrari50/5020,000running0
2008-09Kyalami201011ITAA1 Team Italy   (Team Ghinzani)Ferrari / Ferrari14/140running0
2008-10Kyalami201710ITAA1 Team Italy   (Team Ghinzani)Ferrari / Ferrari40/407,000running0