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Alec Pinsonneault (owner)

NASCAR Xfinity Series Results (top 10s)

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2002-07Nashville43141019Tim SauterChevrolet225/22517,885running3
2002-09Fontana4318719Tim SauterChevrolet150/15027,275running0
2002-10Richmond43161019Tim SauterChevrolet250/25017,445running0
2002-17Milwaukee43 3919Tim SauterChevrolet250/25019,600running0
2002-20Gateway43181019Tim SauterChevrolet200/20026,400running0
2002-27Dover4327819Tim SauterChevrolet200/20017,860running0
2002-30Memphis4338619Tim SauterChevrolet250/25024,775running0