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Robbie Pecorari

Indy Lights Series Results (races)

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RaceSiteCarsStFin#Sponsor / OwnerChassis / EngineLapsMoneyStatusLed
2007-01Homestead2518813Cabo Wabo Tequila   (Team KMA)Dallara / Infiniti57/5714,400running0
2007-02St. Petersburg24 7713Cabo Wabo Tequila   (Team KMA)Dallara / Infiniti40/409,750running0
2007-03St. Petersburg24 7513Cabo Wabo Tequila   (Team KMA)Dallara / Infiniti40/4010,500running0
2007-04Indianapolis24221113Cabo Wabo Tequila   (Team KMA)Dallara / Infiniti40/4012,500running0
2007-05Milwaukee22191413Cabo Wabo Tequila   (Team KMA)Dallara / Infiniti42/10010,000handling0
2007-06Indianapolis G.P.25132413Cabo Wabo Tequila   (Team KMA)Dallara / Infiniti1/181,000mechanical0
2007-07Indianapolis G.P.25241913Cabo Wabo Tequila   (Team KMA)Dallara / Infiniti16/184,000running0
2007-08Iowa2213513Cabo Wabo Tequila   (Team KMA)Dallara / Infiniti115/11515,900running0
2007-09Watkins Glen24 62213Cabo Wabo Tequila   (Team KMA)Dallara / Infiniti7/291,250spun out0
2007-10Watkins Glen24221113Cabo Wabo Tequila   (Team KMA)Dallara / Infiniti29/298,500running0
2007-11Nashville21 3113Cabo Wabo Tequila   (Team KMA)Dallara / Infiniti77/7732,500running22
2007-12Mid-Ohio23 8713Cabo Wabo Tequila   (Team KMA)Dallara / Infiniti40/4014,900running0
2007-13Kentucky2015813Cabo Wabo Tequila   (Team KMA)Dallara / Infiniti67/6714,400running0
2007-14Sonoma22141813Cabo Wabo Tequila   (Team KMA)Dallara / Infiniti29/305,000running0
2007-15Sonoma22182213Cabo Wabo Tequila   (Team KMA)Dallara / Infiniti0/301,250crash0
2007-16Chicago22 7313Cabo Wabo Tequila   (Team KMA)Dallara / Infiniti67/6720,000running0
2008-02St. Petersburg2312106Michael Crawford Motorsports   (Michael Crawford)Dallara / Infiniti40/409,000running0
2008-03St. Petersburg2310236Michael Crawford Motorsports   (Michael Crawford)Dallara / Infiniti0/402,000crash0
2008-04Kansas2423255Guthrie Racing   (Jim Guthrie)Dallara / Infiniti67/6725,000running0
2008-05Indianapolis2713443SWE Race Car Parts   (Team SWE)Dallara / Infiniti40/4019,000running0
2008-07Iowa22111743SWE Race Car Parts   (Team SWE)Dallara / Infiniti114/1158,500running0
2008-10Nashville20161443SWE Racing   (Team SWE)Dallara / Infiniti75/7710,000running0
2008-11Mid-Ohio22112254FARO   (Jim Guthrie)Dallara / Infiniti4/402,500mechanical0
2008-12Mid-Ohio22221354Guthrie Racing   (Jim Guthrie)Dallara / Infiniti18/207,500crash0
2008-13Kentucky24211044SAI Hydraulics   (Jim Guthrie)Dallara / Infiniti67/6713,500running0
2008-14Sonoma23111044SAI Hydraulics   (Jim Guthrie)Dallara / Infiniti30/309,000running0
2008-15Sonoma23101444SAI Hydraulics   (Jim Guthrie)Dallara / Infiniti30/307,000running0
2008-16Chicago2414744SAI Hydraulics   (Jim Guthrie)Dallara / Infiniti67/6715,000running0