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Dell Pearson (owner)

NASCAR Cup Series Results (races)

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1951-20Detroit59392388Dell PearsonOldsmobile216/250250
1951-21Toledo33288Dell PearsonPlymouth–/200700running0
1951-24Darlington82614194Ted ChamberlainPlymouth340/400500
1951-25Columbia29161168Dell PearsonPlymouth–/200250
1951-28Charlotte30888Dell PearsonPlymouth–/2001000
1951-30Wilson171788Dell PearsonPlymouth–/20025
1951-31Hillsboro241488Dell PearsonPlymouth94/150250
1951-34Martinsville2316988Dell PearsonPlymouth–/200750
1951-36North Wilkesboro26231288Dell PearsonPlymouth–/200250