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Bud Neely (crew chief)

CASCAR Super Series Results (races)

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2001-01Delaware38171397Rob NeelyDodge248/25000
2001-02Peterborough28281797Rob NeelyDodge147/15000
2001-06Toronto38233397Rob NeelyDodge16/310crash0
2001-09Hamilton32221097Rob NeelyDodge248/25000
2001-12Delaware41113697Rob NeelyDodge105/30000
2002-02Peterborough29262797Rob NeelyDodge108/20000
2002-04Bowmanville33222397Rob NeelyDodge32/320running
2002-06Hamilton44223497Rob NeelyDodge95/10000
2002-07Toronto37321997Rob NeelyDodge36/360running0
2002-12Delaware38353107Rob NeelyDodge228/30000