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Justin Lofton

NASCAR K&N Pro Series West Results (races)

(1970-present only)

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RaceSiteCarsStFin#Sponsor / OwnerCarLapsMoneyStatusLed
2005-12Mesa Marin28121666Lofton Livestock   (Justin Lofton)Chevrolet159/1591,025running0
2006-01Phoenix34341266Lofton Cattle Feeding Investments   (Justin Lofton)Chevrolet125/1253,750running0
2006-02Phoenix34122266Lofton Cattle Feeding Investments   (Justin Lofton)Chevrolet130/1531,500crash0
2006-03Stockton22101344Toyota of Escondido   (Nancy Myers)Chevrolet155/1551,650running0
2006-04Irwindale25151466Lofton Cattle Feeding Investments   (Justin Lofton)Chevrolet200/2001,363running0
2006-05Sonoma3510466Lofton Cattle Feeding Investments   (Justin Lofton)Chevrolet64/644,500running0
2006-06Douglas County1817966Lofton Cattle Feeding Investments   (Justin Lofton)Chevrolet150/1502,795running0
2006-07Irwindale2813766Lofton Cattle Feeding Investments   (Justin Lofton)Chevrolet200/2001,763running0
2006-08Evergreen20 71066Lofton Cattle Feeding Investments   (Justin Lofton)Chevrolet248/2501,916running0
2006-09Stockton20 9966Lofton Cattle Feeding Investments   (Justin Lofton)Chevrolet200/2001,941running0
2006-10Fontana33192466Lofton Cattle Feeding Investments   (Justin Lofton)Chevrolet71/1002,750crash0
2006-11Thunder Hill22101366Lofton Cattle Feeding Investments   (Justin Lofton)Chevrolet122/2002,562engine0
2006-12Altamont23 82166Lofton Cattle Feeding Investments   (Justin Lofton)Chevrolet156/2001,666crash0
2007-01Thunder Hill28 51966Lofton Cattle Feeding Investments   (Justin Lofton)Ford153/1551,500running0
2007-02Phoenix39182466Lofton Cattle Feeding Investments   (Justin Lofton)Ford150/1582,056running0
2007-03Altamont27 3766Lofton Cattle / Cometic / Klotz   (Justin Lofton)Ford200/2002,700running0
2007-04Elko304266Lofton Cattle / Cometic / Klotz   (Justin Lofton)Ford156/1561,557running0
2007-05Iowa427466Lofton Cattle / Cometic / Klotz   (Justin Lofton)Ford200/2003,350running7
2007-06Colorado21101266Lofton Cattle / Cometic / Klotz / Eibach   (Justin Lofton)Ford155/1551,528running0
2007-07Sonoma3820566Lofton Cattle / Cometic / Klotz / Eibach   (Justin Lofton)Ford64/644,000running1
2007-08Douglas County18 21866Lofton Cattle / Cometic / Klotz / Eibach   (Justin Lofton)Ford125/1501,350clutch63
2007-09Irwindale30 81266Lofton Cattle / Cometic / Klotz / Eibach   (Justin Lofton)Ford200/2001,400running0
2007-10Tooele21 51966Lofton Cattle / Cometic / Klotz / Eibach   (Justin Lofton)Ford3/412,113engine0
2007-11Evergreen20 6566Lofton Cattle / Cometic / Klotz / Eibach   (Justin Lofton)Ford297/3003,616running17
2007-12Fontana Road24 2966Lofton Cattle / Cometic / Klotz / Eibach   (Justin Lofton)Ford41/422,776running1
2007-13Altamont28 31266Lofton Cattle / Cometic / Klotz / Eibach   (Justin Lofton)Ford197/2002,017running0