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Bert Letner (owner)

NASCAR Cup Series Results (races)

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1951-04Gardena2012839Danny LetnerPlymouth–/2001000
1951-20Detroit59273036Danny LetnerHudson153/25025overheating0
1951-35Oakland352736Danny LetnerHudson–/250250
1951-35Oakland351835Fuzzy AndersonHudson–/250250
1951-37Hanford342735Fuzzy AndersonOldsmobile–/200250
1951-37Hanford342539Danny LetnerHudson–/200250
1951-40Gardena31 61335Fuzzy AndersonHudson–/200250
1951-40Gardena31 9939Danny LetnerHudson–/200750
1954-16Gardena32 6789Bill WestHudson476/496200running0