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Art Klein

AAA / USAC Champ Car Series Results (top 10s)

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RaceSiteCarsStFin#Sponsor / OwnerChassis / EngineLapsMoneyStatusLed
1914-04Tacoma21215KingKing / King100/1000running0
1914-05Tacoma19315KingKing / Wisconsin125/1250running
1915-05San Francisco31151016KingKing / Case76/770running0
1916-06Omaha17166Kleinart   (Art Klein)King / Duesenberg103/1200dnf
1916-08Cincinnati282558CrawfordCrawford / Duesenberg150/1500running0
1916-10Sheepshead Bay3168CrawfordCrawford / Duesenberg125/1250running
1916-12Sheepshead Bay26 288CrawfordCrawford / Duesenberg–/500running
1917-02Uniontown1515624Duesenberg   (Johnson)Duesenberg / Duesenberg100/1000running
1919-13Uniontown9943Miller   (Omar Toft)Miller / Miller20/200running
1919-14Uniontown8 8843Miller   (Omar Toft)Miller / Miller20/200running
1919-15Uniontown7 7743Miller   (Omar Toft)Miller / Miller20/200running
1919-16Uniontown6 6643Miller   (Omar Toft)Miller / Miller20/200running
1919-18Elgin15 2829Peugeot Auto Racing   (Art Klein)Peugeot / Peugeot31/360bearing
1919-19Uniontown16629Peugeot Auto Racing   (Art Klein)Peugeot / Peugeot200/2000running
1919-20Sheepshead Bay13429Peugeot Auto Racing   (Art Klein)Peugeot / Peugeot75/750running0
1919-21Cincinnati16229Peugeot Auto Racing   (Art Klein)Peugeot / Peugeot125/1250running
1920-03Tacoma1248Frontenac MotorsFrontenac / Frontenac100/1000running0
1921-19Beverly Hills14 81027Frontenac MotorsFrontenac / Frontenac174/2000running3
1922-01Beverly Hills131027Monroe / Frontenac   (L.L. Corum)Frontenac / Frontenac135/2000connecting rod0
1922-02Beverly Hills101027Monroe / Frontenac   (L.L. Corum)Frontenac / Frontenac3/200lost wheel
1922-03Beverly Hills9 9927Monroe / Frontenac   (L.L. Corum)Frontenac / Frontenac0/200did not start0
1922-04Beverly Hills8 8527Monroe / Frontenac   (L.L. Corum)Frontenac / Frontenac20/200running0
1922-05Beverly Hills7327Monroe / Frontenac   (L.L. Corum)Frontenac / Frontenac20/200running
1922-06Beverly Hills7 4727Monroe / Frontenac   (L.L. Corum)Frontenac / Frontenac22/400blew tire
1922-07San Francisco10410Frontenac Motors   (Louis Chevrolet)Frontenac / Frontenac120/1200running0
1922-08Fresno11410Frontenac Motors   (Louis Chevrolet)Frontenac / Frontenac150/1500running0
1922-09Santa Rosa10510Frontenac Motors   (Louis Chevrolet)Frontenac / Frontenac80/800running0
1922-10Santa Rosa12610Frontenac Motors   (Louis Chevrolet)Frontenac / Frontenac40/400running0
1922-13Tacoma11 872Frontenac Motors   (Louis Chevrolet)Frontenac / Frontenac125/1250running0
1922-14Santa Rosa1052Frontenac Motors   (Louis Chevrolet)Frontenac / Frontenac80/800running0
1922-15Santa Rosa1062Frontenac Motors   (Louis Chevrolet)Frontenac / Frontenac40/400running0
1922-17Fresno9 172Frontenac Motors   (Louis Chevrolet)Frontenac / Frontenac150/1500running0
1922-18Beverly Hills17 766Miller   (Cliff Durant)Miller / Miller200/2000running