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Kyle Keller

ARCA Menards Series West Results (races)

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RaceSiteCarsStFin#Sponsor / OwnerCarLapsMoneyStatusLed
2020-08LVMS Bullring12 547Las Vegas Rentals / BBR   (Jerry Pitts)Ford150/1500running0
2020-10Bakersfield161167Las Vegas Rentals / BBR   (Jerry Pitts)Toyota125/1250running0
2021-07LVMS Bullring23 855BBR / Eros Environmental / Mojave Const.   (Jerry Pitts)Ford150/1500running0
2022-01Phoenix39243270Third3ye / Eros Environments / Battle Born   (Steve Bohanan)Chevrolet45/1540engine0
2022-03Bakersfield18121412Third3ye / EROS Environ. / Battle Born   (Steve Bohanon)Chevrolet148/1500ignition0
2022-06Irwindale2110412Metro Recruiting / Eros Environ / Battle Born   (Steve Bohanon)Ford154/1540running0
2022-07Evergreen1510712Opportunity Village / Battle Born / Eros   (Steve Bohanon)Ford150/1500running0
2022-09Roseville2211512LVMPD Foundation / Eros Environ / Battle Born   (Steve Bohanon)Ford150/1500running0
2022-10LVMS Bullring26 5412LVMPD Foundation / Eros Environ / Battle Born   (Steve Bohanon)Ford158/1580running0
2022-11Phoenix30192570Star Nursery / Eros / Battle Born   (Steve Bohanon)Ford77/1070running0
2023-01Phoenix3215570EverReady Health / Star Nursery / Argus Const   (Steve Bohanon)Toyota160/1600running0
2023-02Irwindale16 8670EverReady Health / Star Nursery / Argus Const   (Steve Bohanon)Toyota150/1500running0
2023-03Bakersfield16131470EverReady Health / Star Nursery / Argus Const   (Steve Bohanon)Toyota92/1500engine0
2023-04Portland24172070KISMIF Foundation / EverReady Health / ARGUS   (Steve Bohanon)Chevrolet14/570engine0
2023-05Sonoma29231370Star Nursery / KISMIF Foundation / Argus Cons   (Steve Bohanon)Chevrolet63/640running0
2023-06Irwindale15121570KISMIF Foundation / EverReady Health / Battle   (Steve Bohanon)Ford6/1500sway bar0
2023-07Shasta17 7670LCR / Las Vegas Rentals / Star Nursery   (Steve Bohanon)Ford150/1500running0
2023-08Evergreen15 8770Star Nursery / Argus Const / Las Vegas Rental   (Steve Bohanon)Ford150/1500running0
2023-09Roseville19 91770Argus Construction / Star Nursery / Battle Bo   (Steve Bohanon)Ford37/1500rear end 0
2023-10LVMS Bullring2111670Star Nursery / Argus Const / Las Vegas Rental   (Steve Bohanon)Ford155/1550running0
2023-11Madera1910770Setting the Stage / Battle Born / Argus Const   (Steve Bohanon)Ford150/1500running0
2023-12Phoenix28201470Argus Constr / Battle Born Racing / Rock Raci   (Steve Bohanon)Ford100/1000running0
2024-01Phoenix40231870Setting The Stage / American Swin / Wiley X   (Fran Kennealy)Ford115/1150running0
2024-02Bakersfield2310712Setting the Stage / Battle Born / Argus Const   (Fran Kennealy)Ford150/1500running0
2024-03Portland2415912Setting the Stage / Battle Born / Argus Const   (Fran Kennealy)Chevrolet57/570running0
2024-04Sonoma3111912Setting the Stage / Battle Born / Argus Const   (Fran Kennealy)Chevrolet67/670running0