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Shane Huffman

X-1R Pro Cup Series Results (top 5s)

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RaceSiteCarsStFin#Sponsor / OwnerCarLapsMoneyStatusLed
2001-01Lakeland41 8484Johnsonville BratwurstFord202/2023,200running0
2001-06Coastal Plains29 2184Johnsonville BratwurstFord250/25010,000running172
2001-08Jefferson3613184Johnsonville BratwurstFord250/25010,000running124
2001-14Lonesome Pine3213184Johnsonville BratwurstFord257/25710,000running109
2001-26Jennerstown40 1184Johnsonville BratwurstFord250/25012,250running212
2001-27Myrtle Beach40 1384Johnsonville Bratwurst / Bi-LoFord254/2545,000running59
2002-01Lakeland4010584Jennie-O Turkey Store / Tip Top PoultryFord250/2503,000running0
2002-16Kenly3013284Jennie-O Turkey Store / Tip Top PoultryFord257/2575,500running0
2002-18Jefferson3614584Jennie-O Turkey Store / Tip Top PoultryFord174/1743,000running0
2002-20Hickory32 5484Jennie-O Turkey Store / Tip Top PoultryFord250/2503,500running0
2002-22Lonesome Pine21 6584Jennie-O Turkey Store / Tip Top PoultryFord249/2503,000running0
2002-28Winchester40 1384Jennie-O Turkey Store / Tip Top PoultryFord250/2507,000running144
2003-01Lakeland3714584Jennie-O Turkey Store / Jamison Inn / Tip Top PoultryFord250/2503,200running0
2003-02Pensacola31 3184Jennie-O Turkey Store / Tip Top PoultryFord250/25011,000running123
2003-03New Smyrna32 7284Jennie-O Turkey Store / Tip Top PoultryFord250/2506,000running0
2003-06Lonesome Pine32 1284Jennie-O Turkey Store / Tip Top PoultryFord250/2507,000running36
2003-08Concord32 7484Jennie-O Turkey Store / Tip Top PoultryFord251/2513,800running0
2003-10Lakeland31 1184Jennie-O Turkey Store / Tip Top Poultry / Jameson InnFord250/25012,000running241
2003-12Myrtle Beach36 3184Jennie-O Turkey Store / Tip Top Poultry / Jameson InnFord250/25010,000running218
2003-14Kenly30 4384Jennie-O Turkey Store / Tip Top PoultryFord250/2505,800running56
2003-16Nashville26 1184Jennie-O Turkey Store / Tip Top PoultryFord250/25012,000running177
2003-18Hickory32 1184Jennie-O Turkey Store / Tip Top PoultryFord254/25411,000running245
2003-21Jefferson36 1384Jennie-O Turkey Store / Tip Top PoultryFord252/2525,800running23
2003-23Lakeland22 4384Jennie-O Turkey Store / Tip Top PoultryFord250/2504,800running0
2003-25Hickory28 9484Jennie-O Turkey Store / Tip Top PoultryFord265/2653,800running0
2003-26Winchester41 2184Jennie-O Turkey Store / Tip Top PoultryFord250/25011,000running250
2003-29Jefferson35 1184Jennie-O Turkey Store / Tip Top PoultryFord250/25011,000running236
2003-30Lakeland41 1184Jennie-O Turkey Store / Tip Top Poultry / Jameson InnFord300/30011,000running220
2004-02New Smyrna35 1184Ford251/25111,000running70
2004-03Jefferson36 5284Ford263/2636,000running2
2004-07Altamahaw32 2484John Morrell Dinner Bell / Stewart Warner PerformanceFord250/2505,000running78
2004-11Lakeland32 2284Laughlin Racing Products / Stewart Warner PerformanceFord250/2506,000running112
2004-16Hickory29 2284John Morrell Dinner Bell / Stewart Warner PerformanceFord193/1936,000running0
2004-20Jefferson36 1584Elm Hill Quality Meats / Wampler's SausageFord256/2564,500running4
2004-23Bristol36 1184Elm Hill Quality Meats / Wampler's SausageFord153/15311,000running51
2004-25Jennerstown37 5184John Morrell Dinner BellFord250/25013,500running184
2004-29Lakeland36 1284John Morrell Dinner Bell / Stewart Warner PerformanceFord300/3007,000running41
2005-01Lakeland36 9181Knights CompaniesFord250/25010,000running104
2005-02South Georgia35 8181Knights CompaniesFord256/25610,000running42
2005-05Jefferson32 5181Knights Companies / Benzenberg Cabinet CorpFord250/25010,000running28
2005-11Lakeland35 3181Knights Companies / Benzenberg Cabinet CorpFord250/25010,500running177
2005-14Myrtle Beach35 1181Knights Companies / Benzenberg Cabinet CorpFord250/25013,500running123
2005-16Hickory32 6181Knight Industries / Benzenberg CabinetFord250/25010,000running88
2005-17Radford3217581Knights Companies / Benzenberg Cabinet CorpFord250/2503,500running0
2005-18Kenly3211381Knights Companies / Merchants Tire & Auto CenterFord250/2505,500running0
2005-21Jefferson32 6181Knights Companies / Benzenberg Cabinet CorpFord250/25010,000running65
2005-29Radford36 1181Knights Companies / Benzenberg Cabinet CorpFord250/25014,000running125
2005-30Lakeland35 2181Knights Companies / Benzenberg Cabinet CorpFord302/30212,500running119
2006-03Montgomery33 5188Champion / U.S. Navy / Snap OnChevrolet256/25612,000running67
2006-05Jefferson33 4288Champion / U.S. Navy / Snap OnChevrolet250/2508,000running56
2006-07Concord32 1188Champion / U.S. Navy / Snap OnChevrolet250/25013,000running107
2006-11Lakeland35 6188Champion / U.S. Navy / Snap On / R & B TransportChevrolet250/25012,000running150
2006-16Hickory3210288Champion / U.S. Navy / Snap On / R & B TransportChevrolet255/2558,000running49
2006-18Kenly32 2388Champion / U.S. Navy / Snap On / R & B TransportChevrolet250/2508,000running99
2006-21Jefferson3212188Champion / U.S. Navy / Snap On / R & B TransportChevrolet251/25111,666running33
2006-23Bristol36 6588Champion / U.S. Navy / Snap On / R & B TransportChevrolet150/1505,000running0