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Ted Horn

AAA / USAC Champ Car Series Results (top 5s)

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RaceSiteCarsStFin#Sponsor / OwnerChassis / EngineLapsMoneyStatusLed
1936-01Indianapolis3311222Miller-Hartz   (Harry Hartz)Wetteroth / Miller200/20013,935running16
1937-01Indianapolis333233Harry HartzWetteroth / Miller SC200/2007,087running0
1938-01Indianapolis33 642Miller-Hartz   (Harry Hartz)Wetteroth / Miller SC200/2004,600running0
1938-02Syracuse14 242Miller-Hartz   (Harry Hartz)Wetteroth / Miller100/100700running7
1939-01Indianapolis33 444Boyle Racing HeadquartersMiller FD / Miller200/2004,750running4
1939-03Syracuse14 434Riverside Tire   (Mike Boyle)Miller / Miller100/100900running0
1940-01Indianapolis33 443Boyle Racing HeadquartersMiller FD / Miller199/2004,575running0
1941-01Indianapolis332834T. E. C.   (Art Sparks)Adams / Sparks SC200/2006,863running0
1946-01Indianapolis33 7329Boyle Mazerati   (Mike Boyle)Maserati / Maserati SC200/2007,988running0
1946-02Langhorne12 1324Fred PetersWetteroth / Offy100/1001,750running17
1946-04Indianapolis14 2424Fred PetersWetteroth / Offy99/1001,115running0
1946-05Milwaukee14 3224Fred PetersWetteroth / Offy100/1002,302running0
1946-06Goshen10 2224Fred PetersWetteroth / Offy99/1002,305running0
1947-01Indianapolis33 131Bennett Brothers   (Cotton Henning)Maserati 8CTF 3032 / Maserati SC200/20010,115running0
1947-03Langhorne181551Ted HornHorn / Offy100/100923running0
1947-04Atlanta14 841Ted HornHorn / Offy77/77585running0
1947-05Bainbridge15 511Ted HornHorn / Offy90/902,230running37
1947-07Goshen15 221Ted HornHorn / Offy100/1001,382running0
1947-08Milwaukee17 311Ted HornHorn / Offy100/1003,130running21
1947-10Springfield18 421Ted HornHorn / Offy100/1001,706running0
1947-11Arlington14 311Ted HornHorn / Offy95/952,661running44
1948-01Arlington17 411Horn Enterprises   (Ted Horn)Horn / Offy95/952,478running47
1948-02Indianapolis33 541Bennett Brothers   (H.C. Henning)Maserati 8CTF 3032 / Maserati SC200/20016,175running74
1948-03Milwaukee18 531Horn Enterprises   (Ted Horn)Horn / Offy100/1002,100running0
1948-05Milwaukee19 631Horn Enterprises   (Ted Horn)Horn / Offy100/1001,706running0
1948-06Springfield20 411Horn Enterprises   (Ted Horn)Horn / Offy100/1002,625running97
1948-07Milwaukee21 231Horn Enterprises   (Ted Horn)Horn / Offy200/1002,625running6
1948-08DuQuoin18 331Horn Enterprises   (Ted Horn)Horn / Offy100/1001,000running0
1948-11Springfield18 331Horn Enterprises   (Ted Horn)Horn / Offy100/100844running0