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Harry Hartz

AAA / USAC Champ Car Series Results (races)

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RaceSiteCarsStFin#Sponsor / OwnerChassis / EngineLapsMoneyStatusLed
1921-19Beverly Hills14 9516Duesenberg Straight 8Duesenberg / Duesenberg200/2000running0
1921-20San Francisco12416Duesenberg Straight 8Duesenberg / Duesenberg200/2000running0
1922-01Beverly Hills13312Hartz / Duesenberg   (Harry Hartz)Duesenberg / Duesenberg200/2000running0
1922-02Beverly Hills10812Hartz / Duesenberg   (Harry Hartz)Duesenberg / Duesenberg12/200dnf
1922-03Beverly Hills9412Hartz / Duesenberg   (Harry Hartz)Duesenberg / Duesenberg20/200running0
1922-04Beverly Hills8 5212Hartz / Duesenberg   (Harry Hartz)Duesenberg / Duesenberg20/200running0
1922-05Beverly Hills7412Hartz / Duesenberg   (Harry Hartz)Duesenberg / Duesenberg20/200running
1922-06Beverly Hills7 2312Hartz / Duesenberg   (Harry Hartz)Duesenberg / Duesenberg40/400running
1922-07San Francisco10112Hartz / Duesenberg   (Harry Hartz)Duesenberg / Duesenberg120/1200running103
1922-08Fresno11312Hartz / Duesenberg   (Harry Hartz)Duesenberg / Duesenberg150/1500running0
1922-09Santa Rosa10312Hartz / Duesenberg   (Harry Hartz)Duesenberg / Duesenberg80/800running0
1922-10Santa Rosa12212Hartz / Duesenberg   (Harry Hartz)Duesenberg / Duesenberg40/400running0
1922-11Indianapolis27 2212Duesenberg Straight 8Duesenberg / Duesenberg200/20010,000running42
1922-12Uniontown11612Hartz / Duesenberg   (Harry Hartz)Duesenberg / Duesenberg165/2000oil line42
1922-13Tacoma11 2612Hartz / Duesenberg   (Harry Hartz)Duesenberg / Duesenberg125/1250running0
1922-14Santa Rosa10712Hartz / Duesenberg   (Harry Hartz)Duesenberg / Duesenberg62/800valve31
1922-15Santa Rosa10812Hartz / Duesenberg   (Harry Hartz)Duesenberg / Duesenberg38/400running0
1922-16Kansas City16 9212Hartz / Duesenberg   (Harry Hartz)Duesenberg / Duesenberg240/2400running0
1922-17Fresno9 5312Hartz / Duesenberg   (Harry Hartz)Duesenberg / Duesenberg150/1500running0
1922-18Beverly Hills17 3312Hartz / Duesenberg   (Harry Hartz)Duesenberg / Duesenberg200/2000running
1923-01Beverly Hills15 81412Duesenberg / MillerDuesenberg / Miller68/2000oil pump0
1923-02Fresno14812Duesenberg   (Harry Hartz)Duesenberg / Duesenberg78/1500camshaft0
1923-03Indianapolis27 227Miller   (Cliff Durant)Miller / Miller200/20010,100running6
1923-04Kansas City1277Miller   (Cliff Durant)Miller / Miller103/2000crash
1923-05Altoona14 5127Miller   (Cliff Durant)Miller / Miller61/1600fire3
1923-06Fresno10 913Miller   (Cliff Durant)Miller / Miller150/1500running11
1923-07Kansas City14113Miller   (Cliff Durant)Miller / Miller129/2000engine0
1924-01Beverly Hills17 934Miller   (Cliff Durant)Miller / Miller200/2000running0
1924-02Indianapolis24 244Miller   (Cliff Durant)Miller / Miller200/2003,500running0
1924-03Altoona17 454Miller   (Cliff Durant)Miller / Miller200/2000running0
1924-04Kansas City1664Miller   (Cliff Durant)Miller / Miller119/1200running0
1924-05Altoona14 4114Miller   (Cliff Durant)Miller / Miller177/2000running0
1924-06Syracuse11 2114Miller   (Cliff Durant)Miller / Miller13/1500hit fence3
1924-07Fresno13 674Miller   (Cliff Durant)Miller / Miller122/1500carburetor0
1924-08Charlotte12 654Miller   (Cliff Durant)Miller / Miller200/2000running
1924-09Culver City1724Miller   (Cliff Durant)Miller / Miller SC200/2000running
1925-01Culver City211236Miller   (Harry Hartz)Miller / Miller SC200/2000running12
1925-02Fresno10 266Miller   (Harry Hartz)Miller / Miller SC150/1500running
1925-03Charlotte1526Miller   (Harry Hartz)Miller / Miller SC200/2000running
1925-04Indianapolis22 346Miller   (Harry Hartz)Miller / Miller SC200/2003,800running3
1925-05Altoona18 646Miller   (Harry Hartz)Miller / Miller SC200/2000running
1925-06Laurel17 536Miller   (Harry Hartz)Miller / Miller SC222/2220running
1925-07Altoona15 526Miller   (Harry Hartz)Miller / Miller SC200/2000running
1925-08Laurel1696Miller   (Harry Hartz)Miller / Miller SC76/2220dnf
1925-09Rockingham17 346Miller   (Harry Hartz)Miller / Miller SC200/2000running0
1925-10Charlotte17 426Miller   (Harry Hartz)Miller / Miller SC200/2000running
1925-11Culver City161426Miller   (Harry Hartz)Miller / Miller SC200/2000running0
1926-01Miami18 423Miller   (Harry Hartz)Miller / Miller SC240/2400running0
1926-02Culver City16 633Miller   (Harry Hartz)Miller / Miller SC200/2000running0
1926-03Atlantic City16 213Miller   (Harry Hartz)Miller / Miller SC200/2000running7
1926-04Charlotte16 123Miller   (Harry Hartz)Miller / Miller SC200/2000running
1926-05Indianapolis28 223Miller   (Harry Hartz)Miller / Miller SC158/16013,900running6
1926-06Altoona17 2113Miller   (Harry Hartz)Miller / Miller SC123/2000supercharger48
1926-07Rockingham8 423Miller   (Harry Hartz)Miller / Miller SC40/400running
1926-09Atlantic City1113Miller   (Harry Hartz)Miller / Miller SC40/400running
1926-12Atlantic City1313Miller   (Harry Hartz)Miller / Miller SC80/800running
1926-14Charlotte733Miller   (Harry Hartz)Miller / Miller SC20/200running1
1926-15Charlotte1023Miller   (Harry Hartz)Miller / Miller SC40/400running14
1926-17Altoona18 143Miller   (Harry Hartz)Miller / Miller SC200/2000running
1926-18Rockingham1823Miller   (Harry Hartz)Miller / Miller SC20/200running
1926-19Rockingham1323Miller   (Harry Hartz)Miller / Miller SC20/200running0
1926-20Rockingham1713Miller   (Harry Hartz)Miller / Miller SC160/1600running91
1926-22Charlotte6 123Miller   (Harry Hartz)Miller / Miller SC20/200running0
1926-23Charlotte12 213Miller   (Harry Hartz)Miller / Miller SC40/400running
1926-24Charlotte943Miller   (Harry Hartz)Miller / Miller SC79/800running
1927-01Culver City18 421Erskine Miller   (Harry Hartz)Miller FD / Miller SC200/2000running0
1927-02Atlantic City16 631Erskine Miller   (Harry Hartz)Miller FD / Miller SC133/1330running
1927-03Indianapolis33 4251Erskine Miller FD   (Harry Hartz)Miller FD / Miller SC38/200390crankshaft0
1927-04Altoona16 421Erskine Miller   (Harry Hartz)Miller FD / Miller SC160/1600running
1927-05Rockingham17 571Erskine Miller   (Harry Hartz)Miller FD / Miller SC160/1600running0
1927-06Altoona14 5131Erskine Miller   (Harry Hartz)Miller FD / Miller SC54/1600timing gear
1927-07Charlotte10 361Erskine Miller   (Harry Hartz)Miller FD / Miller SC14/200fouled plugs
1927-09Charlotte13131Erskine Miller   (Harry Hartz)Miller FD / Miller SC6/800radiator leak
1927-10Rockingham13 2131Erskine Miller   (Harry Hartz)Miller FD / Miller SC51/520crash