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John Golabek (owner)

NASCAR Cup Series Results (top 10s)

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1951-05Hillsboro33 5552Neil ColeOldsmobile–/95300running0
1951-29Dayton31 9252Neil ColeOldsmobile199/200700running0
1951-32Thompson38 1152Neil ColeOldsmobile200/2001,000running45
1952-18Niagara Falls1710653Neil ColePlymouth168/200150engine
1952-19Tioga26 6953Neil ColePlymouth192/20075running
1952-21Morristown32 7353Neil ColePlymouth196/200450running0
1952-23Rochester23179Neil ColePlymouth170/176100running0
1952-27Langhorne4423752Neil ColePlymouth245/250350running0
1953-21Morristown23553Ronnie KohlerPlymouth–/200200running0