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Todd Gibson

AAA / USAC Champ Car Series Results (races)

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RaceSiteCarsStFin#Sponsor / OwnerChassis / EngineLapsMoneyStatusLed
1969-04Milwaukee24242445Weinberger Homes   (Weinberger & Wilseck)Eagle / Offy0/1501,513crash0
1969-05Langhorne24181745Weinberger Homes   (Weinberger & Wilseck)Eagle / Offy89/150901engine0
1976-05Pocono3320178Routh Meat Packing   (Richard Routh)Eagle / Offy156/2005,260oil leak0
1976-07College Station1816138Routh Meat Packing   (Richard Routh)Eagle / Offy67/751,012running0
1976-08Trenton221998Routh Meat Packing   (Richard Routh)Eagle / Offy114/1172,273running0
1976-09Milwaukee181588Routh Meat Packing   (Richard Routh)Eagle / Offy186/2002,179running0
1976-10Ontario3333118Routh Meat Packing   (Richard Routh)Eagle / Offy191/2005,461running0
1976-11Michigan2216148Routh Meat Packing   (Richard Routh)Eagle / Offy66/751,865out of fuel0
1976-12College Station2218168Routh Meat Packing   (Richard Routh)Eagle / Offy46/1001,506engine0
1976-13Phoenix2220138Routh Meat Packing   (Richard Routh)Eagle / Offy138/1501,652running0
1977-01Ontario26221122Routh Meat Packing   (Richard Routh)Eagle / DGS76/802,969running0
1977-02Phoenix22221322Routh Meat Packing   (Richard Routh)Eagle / DGS144/1502,021running0
1977-03College Station1912622Routh Meat Packing   (Richard Routh)Eagle / Offy95/1004,229running0
1977-04Trenton1714622Routh Meat Packing   (Richard Routh)Eagle / DGS127/1343,638running0
1977-06Milwaukee20161422Baja Boats   (Richard Routh)Eagle / Offy85/1502,698crash0
1977-08Bowmanville1913422Baja Boats   (Richard Routh)Eagle / DGS73/758,830running0
1977-09Michigan22201522Baja Boats   (Richard Routh)Eagle / Offy67/1001,738overheating0
1978-10Atlanta22211575Gibson Racing   (Todd Gibson)Eagle / Offy92/1001,646running0
1978-12Milwaukee22221475Gibson Racing   (Todd Gibson)Eagle / Offy189/2002,527running0
1978-15Trenton20151675Gibson Racing   (Todd Gibson)Eagle / Offy44/1002,481turbocharger0
1978-18Phoenix22211575Gibson Racing   (Todd Gibson)Eagle / Offy137/1502,148running0
1979-01Ontario22121475Gibson Racing   (Todd Gibson)Eagle / Offy53/802,090piston0
1979-02College Station16 5775Gibson Racing   (Todd Gibson)Eagle / Offy94/1002,710running0