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Nick Firestone

Indy Lights Series Results (races)

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RaceSiteCarsStFin#Sponsor / OwnerChassis / EngineLapsMoneyStatusLed
1993-01Phoenix15 81323Dick Simon Racing   (Dick Simon)Lola / Buick20/751,700crash0
1993-02Long Beach22112023Dick Simon Racing   (Dick Simon)Lola / Buick5/471,000crash0
1993-03Milwaukee19 5223Mirachem / NOW   (Dick Simon)Lola / Buick75/7511,000running18
1993-04Belle Isle21111323Mirachem / NOW   (Dick Simon)Lola / Buick28/331,700electrical0
1993-05Portland1815623Mirachem / NOW   (Dick Simon)Lola / Buick39/393,050running0
1993-06Cleveland23121123Mirachem / NOW   (Dick Simon)Lola / Buick32/321,900running0
1993-07Toronto1910623Mirachem / NOW   (Dick Simon)Lola / Buick41/423,050running0
1993-08Loudon1710823Mirachem / NOW   (Dick Simon)Lola / Buick65/662,200running0
1993-09Vancouver19 4423Mirachem / NOW   (Dick Simon)Lola / Buick46/464,750running0
1993-10Mid-Ohio19 4523Mirachem / NOW   (Dick Simon)Lola / Buick34/343,500running0
1993-11Nazareth15 7223Mirachem / NOW   (Dick Simon)Lola / Buick55/5511,000running0
1993-12Laguna Seca23 9623Mirachem / NOW   (Dick Simon)Lola / Buick31/312,800running0
1994-01Phoenix18 8136Montgomery Ward Auto   (Dick Simon)Lola / Buick71/751,600running0
1994-02Long Beach23 546Montgomery Ward Auto   (Dick Simon)Lola / Buick47/474,500running0
1994-03Milwaukee1716126Montgomery Ward Auto   (Dick Simon)Lola / Buick68/751,800mechanical0
1994-04Belle Isle18 556Montgomery Ward Auto   (Dick Simon)Lola / Buick36/363,500running0
1994-05Portland20 7156Montgomery Ward Auto   (Dick Simon)Lola / Buick35/391,500running0
1994-06Cleveland19 646Montgomery Ward Auto   (Dick Simon)Lola / Buick32/324,500running0
1994-07Toronto20 736Montgomery Ward Auto   (Dick Simon)Lola / Buick42/425,000running0
1994-08Mid-Ohio20 756Montgomery Ward Auto   (Dick Simon)Lola / Buick34/343,500running0
1994-09Loudon16 996Montgomery Ward Auto   (Dick Simon)Lola / Buick69/712,100running0
1994-10Vancouver19 9156Montgomery Ward Auto   (Dick Simon)Lola / Buick30/371,500crash0
1994-11Nazareth1919106Montgomery Ward Auto   (Dick Simon)Lola / Buick72/752,000running0
1994-12Laguna Seca211276Montgomery Ward Auto   (Dick Simon)Lola / Buick34/342,400running0
1995-01Bicentennial2512105Firestone Vineyards   (Brian Stewart)Lola / Buick25/251,900running0
1995-02Phoenix2518115Firestone Vineyards   (Brian Stewart)Lola / Buick73/751,800running0
1995-03Long Beach25 6125Firestone Vineyards   (Brian Stewart)Lola / Buick45/471,800running0
1995-04Nazareth2023195Firestone Vineyards   (Brian Stewart)Lola / Buick13/751,100crash0
1995-05Milwaukee2013155Firestone Vineyards   (Brian Stewart)Lola / Buick70/751,500running0
1995-06Belle Isle22 445Firestone Vineyards   (Brian Stewart)Lola / Buick24/244,500running0
1995-07Portland22 535Firestone Vineyards   (Brian Stewart)Lola / Buick39/395,000running0
1995-08Toronto24 5235Firestone Vineyards   (Brian Stewart)Lola / Buick4/420mechanical0
1995-09Cleveland2313105Firestone Vineyards   (Brian Stewart)Lola / Buick32/322,000running0
1995-10Loudon2014105Firestone Vineyards   (Brian Stewart)Lola / Buick69/712,000running0
1995-11Vancouver21 495Firestone Vineyards   (Brian Stewart)Lola / Buick43/442,100running0
1995-12Laguna Seca26 755STP / Firestone Vineyards   (Brian Stewart)Lola / Buick34/343,500running0
1996-04Michigan2010112STPLola / Buick49/501,900running0
1996-05Milwaukee2017162Ultimate Precision / STPLola / Buick70/750running0
1996-06Belle Isle2216202Ultimate Precision / STPLola / Buick11/360running0
1996-07Portland211892Ultimate Precision / STPLola / Buick38/392,100running0
1996-08Cleveland211442Ultimate Precision / STPLola / Buick32/324,500running0
1996-09Toronto2415192Ultimate Precision / STPLola / Buick19/410crash0