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Pete DePaolo

AAA / USAC Champ Car Series Results (top 5s)

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RaceSiteCarsStFin#Sponsor / OwnerChassis / EngineLapsMoneyStatusLed
1924-06Syracuse11 5312DuesenbergDuesenberg / Duesenberg150/1500running0
1924-08Charlotte12 2412DuesenbergDuesenberg / Duesenberg200/2000running
1925-01Culver City2110212DuesenbergDuesenberg / Duesenberg SC200/2000running0
1925-02Fresno10 6112DuesenbergDuesenberg / Duesenberg SC150/1500running
1925-03Charlotte15512DuesenbergDuesenberg / Duesenberg SC200/2000running
1925-04Indianapolis22 2112DuesenbergDuesenberg / Duesenberg SC200/20028,800running115
1925-05Altoona1814112DuesenbergDuesenberg / Duesenberg SC200/2000running
1925-06Laurel17 1112DuesenbergDuesenberg / Duesenberg SC222/2220running
1925-08Laurel16212DuesenbergDuesenberg / Duesenberg SC222/2220running
1925-09Rockingham17 1112DuesenbergDuesenberg / Duesenberg SC200/2000running93
1926-01Miami18 711DuesenbergDuesenberg / Duesenberg SC240/2400running40
1926-02Culver City16 821DuesenbergDuesenberg / Duesenberg SC200/2000running0
1926-03Atlantic City16 721DuesenbergDuesenberg / Duesenberg SC200/2000running28
1926-05Indianapolis2827512DuesenbergDuesenberg / Duesenberg SC153/1603,500running0
1926-07Rockingham8 111DuesenbergDuesenberg / Duesenberg SC40/400running
1926-08Rockingham18 131DuesenbergDuesenberg / Duesenberg SC160/1600running
1926-10Atlantic City1041DuesenbergDuesenberg / Duesenberg SC18/400valve
1926-22Charlotte6 351DuesenbergDuesenberg / Duesenberg SC20/200running0
1926-23Charlotte12 651DuesenbergDuesenberg / Duesenberg SC40/400running
1927-01Culver City18 333Perfect Circle / Miller   (Pete DePaolo)Miller FD / Miller SC200/2000running8
1927-04Altoona16 313Perfect Circle / Miller   (Pete DePaolo)Miller FD / Miller SC160/1600running
1927-05Rockingham17 213Perfect Circle / Miller   (Pete DePaolo)Miller FD / Miller SC160/1600running160
1927-06Altoona14 323Perfect Circle / Miller   (Pete DePaolo)Miller FD / Miller SC160/1600running
1927-07Charlotte10 223Perfect Circle / Miller   (Pete DePaolo)Miller FD / Miller SC20/200running
1927-08Charlotte1113Perfect Circle / Miller   (Pete DePaolo)Miller FD / Miller SC40/400running
1927-09Charlotte1343Perfect Circle / Miller   (Pete DePaolo)Miller FD / Miller SC80/800running
1927-10Rockingham1323Perfect Circle / Miller   (Pete DePaolo)Miller FD / Miller SC52/520running
1927-11Rockingham11 233Perfect Circle / Miller   (Pete DePaolo)Miller FD / Miller SC60/600running