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Salvador de Alba, Jr.

NASCAR Peak Mexico Series Results (races)

(2011-present only)

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RaceSiteCarsStFin#Sponsor / OwnerCarLapsMoneyStatusLed
2017-01Monterrey30 72948Sidral Aga Racing / Red Cola   (Salvador de Alba, Jr.)Toyota10/320crash0
2017-02San Luis Potosi31 22048Sidral Aga Racing / Red Cola   (Salvador de Alba, Jr.)Toyota146/1470running0
2017-03Puebla28 52348Sidral Aga Racing / Red Cola   (Salvador de Alba, Jr.)Toyota30/310dnf0
2017-04Guadalajara31 1448Sidral Aga Racing / Red Cola   (Salvador de Alba, Jr.)Toyota102/1020running0
2017-05Leon26 5748Sidral Aga Racing / Red Cola   (Salvador de Alba, Jr.)Toyota56/560running0
2017-06Aguascalientes30 5748Sidral Aga Racing / Red Cola   (Salvador de Alba, Jr.)Toyota147/1470running0
2017-07Pachuca27 9648Sidral Aga Racing / Red Cola   (Salvador de Alba, Jr.)Toyota56/560running0
2017-08Queretaro31 6648Sidral Aga Racing / Red Cola   (Salvador de Alba, Jr.)Toyota119/1190running0
2017-09Guadalajara27112248Sidral Aga Racing / Red Cola   (Salvador de Alba, Jr.)Toyota103/1090dnf0
2017-10Chiapas29 2548Sidral Aga Racing / Red Cola   (Salvador de Alba, Jr.)Toyota127/1270running0
2017-11Puebla2610248Sidral Aga Racing / Red Cola   (Salvador de Alba, Jr.)Toyota83/830running0
2017-12Mexico City27 12048Sidral Aga Racing / Red Cola   (Salvador de Alba, Jr.)Toyota57/580crash0
2018-01Monterrey23 11348Sidral Aga   (Salvador de Alba Corona)Toyota31/310running13
2018-02San Luis Potosi251448Sidral Aga   (Salvador de Alba, Jr.)Toyota164/1640running0
2018-03Chihuahua32 7948Sidral Aga   (Salvador de Alba, Jr.)Toyota175/1760running0
2018-04Guadalajara23 62348Sidral Aga   (Salvador de Alba, Jr.)Toyota46/1210dnf
2018-05Puebla23101148Sidral Aga   (Salvador de Alba, Jr.)Toyota43/430running0
2018-06Aguascalientes242448Sidral Aga   (Salvador de Alba Jr.)Toyota19/1430crash0
2018-07Queretaro24 5448Sidral Aga   (Salvador de Alba Jr.)Toyota33/330running0
2018-08Puebla23 8848Sidral Aga   (Salvador de Alba Jr.)Toyota89/890running0
2018-09Chiapas2515348Sidral Aga   (Salvador de Alba Jr.)Toyota142/1420running0
2018-10Aguascalientes22 11648Sidral Aga   (Salvador de Alba Jr.)Toyota50/510running29
2018-11Guadalajara24 1148Sidral Aga   (Salvador de Alba Jr.)Toyota106/1060running25
2018-12Mexico City25 3248Sidral Aga   (Salvador de Alba Jr.)Toyota48/480running0
2019-01Monterrey21 51748Sidral Aga   (Salvador de Alba Jr.)Ford53/540running1
2019-02Chiapas25 6648Sidral Aga   (Salvador de Alba Jr.)Ford141/1410running2
2019-03Guadalajara21 1148Sidral Aga   (Salvador de Alba Jr.)Ford109/1090running104
2019-04Aguascalientes21 2248Sidral Aga   (Salvador de Alba Jr.)Ford48/480running42
2019-05Puebla20 1948Sidral Aga   (Salvador de Alba Jr.)Ford75/750running29
2019-06Chihuahua26 11948Sidral Aga   (Salvador de Alba Jr.)Ford192/2400crash25
2019-07Queretaro19 5148Sidral Aga   (Salvador de Alba Jr.)Ford160/1600running76
2019-08San Luis Potosi27 1248Sidral Aga   (Salvador de Alba Jr.)Ford200/2000running143
2019-09Guadalajara22 4548Sidral Aga / Red Cola   (Salvador de Alba Jr.)Ford158/1580running0
2019-10Puebla18 1948Sidral Aga / Red Cola   (Salvador de Alba Jr.)Ford139/1400running15
2019-11Aguascalientes19 2448Sidral Aga / Red Cola   (Salvador de Alba Jr.)Ford159/1590running0
2019-12Mexico City25 1148Sidral Aga / Red Cola   (Salvador de Alba Jr.)Ford120/1200running6
2020-01Queretaro10 6748Sidral Aga   (Salvador de Alba Jr.)Ford150/1500running0
2020-02San Luis Potosi10 7548Sidral Aga   (Salvador de Alba Jr.)Ford210/2100running0
2020-03Aguascalientes12 5548Sidral Aga   (Salvador de Alba Jr.)Ford219/2200running0
2020-04Puebla11 11148Sidral Aga   (Salvador de Alba Jr.)Ford9/850dnf1
2020-05Puebla11 1248Sidral Aga   (Salvador de Alba Jr.)Ford81/810running74
2020-06Queretaro10 1148Sidral Aga   (Salvador de Alba Jr.)Ford72/720running72
2020-07Queretaro10 1248Sidral Aga   (Salvador de Alba Jr.)Ford72/720running41
2020-08San Luis Potosi9 1148Sidral Aga   (Salvador de Alba Jr.)Ford236/2360running192
2020-09Aguascalientes10 81048Sidral Aga   (Salvador de Alba Jr.)Ford198/2100running0
2020-10Queretaro10 7448Sidral Aga   (Salvador de Alba Jr.)Ford154/1540running8
2020-11Queretaro8 7848Sidral Aga   (Salvador de Alba Jr.)Ford129/1540running17
2020-12Puebla12 9348Sidral Aga   (Salvador de Alba Jr.)Ford140/1400running12
2021-01Chiapas1512148Sidral Aga   (Salvador de Alba Jr.)Ford117/1170running3
2021-02Queretaro1616348Sidral Aga   (Salvador de Alba Jr.)Ford142/1420running0
2021-03Puebla1717148Sidral Aga   (Salvador de Alba Jr.)Ford105/1050running41
2021-04Aguascalientes16161448Sidral Aga   (Salvador de Alba Jr.)Ford153/1630dnf0
2021-05San Luis Potosi15 3248Sidral Aga   (Salvador de Alba Corona)Ford186/1860running3
2021-06Queretaro1715148Sidral Aga   (Salvador de Alba Corona)Ford65/650running21
2021-07Monterrey15 1448Sidral Aga   (Salvador de Alba Corona)Ford64/640running7
2021-08Aguascalientes1616448Sidral Aga   (Salvador de Alba Corona)Ford169/1690running0
2021-09San Luis Potosi14 3248Sidral Aga   (Salvador de Alba Corona)Ford199/1990running130
2021-10Guadalajara16 1948Sidral Aga   (Salvador de Alba Corona)Ford127/1300running48
2021-11Puebla18 2148Red Cola / Sidral Aga   (Salvador de Alba Corona)Ford72/720running61
2021-12Puebla18 9448Red Cola / Sidral Aga   (Salvador de Alba Corona)Ford73/730running56
2022-01Chiapas1515348Sidral Aga / Red Cola   (Salvador de Alba Corona)Ford144/1440running0