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Spencer Davis

NASCAR Whelen Modified Tour Results (races)

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RaceSiteCarsStFin#Sponsor / OwnerCarLapsMoneyStatusLed
2014-04Waterford28172679Hillbilly Racing / Coors 21 Means 21   (David Hill)Pontiac70/1650steering0
2014-06Loudon30112879Hillbilly Racing / Coors 21 Means 21   (David Hill)Pontiac53/1100running0
2014-09Thompson25181079Hillbilly Racing / Coors 21 Means 21   (David Hill)Pontiac150/1500running0
2014-13Thompson3615779Hillbilly Racing / Coors 21 Means 21   (David Hill)Pontiac151/1510running0
2015-01Thompson35231279Hillbilly Racing / Coors 21 Means 21   (Susan Hill)Pontiac150/1500running0
2015-02Stafford Springs33263079Hillbilly Racing / Coors 21 Means 21   (Susan Hill)Pontiac89/2000running0
2015-03Waterford3314979Hillbilly Racing / Coors 21 Means 21   (Susan Hill)Pontiac165/1650running0
2015-04Stafford Springs31163179Hillbilly Racing / Coors 21 Means 21   (Susan Hill)Pontiac23/1250engine0
2015-05Thompson30182479Hillbilly Racing / Coors 21 Means 21   (Susan Hill)Pontiac119/1250handling0
2017-04Hampton25192382Horton Avenue Materials   (Danny Watts, Jr.)Chevrolet88/1560distributor0
2017-16Thompson35131788Danny's Gaspool Service   (Danny Watts, Jr.)Chevrolet155/1500running0
2018-06Hampton27192082Horton Avenue Materials   (Pamela Hulse)Chevrolet145/1500running0
2022-01New Smyrna31201629Ionx Supreme Lubricants   (Spencer Davis)Ford199/2000running0
2022-02Richmond28172629Ionx Supreme Lubricants   (Spencer Davis) 55/1500steering0
2022-05Jennerstown22172229Ionx Supreme Lubricants   (Spencer Davis) 83/1500handling0
2022-11Thompson24121029Ionx Supreme Lubricants   (Spencer Davis) 150/1500running0
2022-16Martinsville35272129Max Industrial   (Spencer Davis) 199/2000running0
2023-01New Smyrna35251329Cove Race Products   (Spencer Davis) 199/2000running0