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Bill Cummings

AAA / USAC Champ Car Series Results (top 10s)

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RaceSiteCarsStFin#Sponsor / OwnerChassis / EngineLapsMoneyStatusLed
1930-01Langhorne15 117Century TireMiller / Miller100/1002,000running100
1930-02Indianapolis382256Duesenberg   (Pete DePaolo)Stevens / Duesenberg200/2003,000running0
1930-03Detroit14 736Duesenberg   (Pete DePaolo)Duesenberg / Duesenberg100/1000running
1930-07Altoona12 646Duesenberg   (Pete DePaolo)Duesenberg / Duesenberg88/930running0
1930-08Syracuse15 316Duesenberg   (Pete DePaolo)Duesenberg / Duesenberg100/1000running
1931-02Detroit14 233Empire State Gas Motors   (Floyd Smith)Cooper / Miller100/1000running0
1931-04Altoona171183Empire State Gas Motors   (Floyd Smith)Cooper / Miller20/200running
1931-05Altoona11 773Empire State Gas Motors   (Floyd Smith)Cooper / Miller20/200running
1931-06Altoona11 723Empire State Gas Motors   (Floyd Smith)Cooper / Miller80/800running51
1932-03Roby14310Boyle Valve   (Mike Boyle)Stevens / Miller100/1000running
1932-04Syracuse18 1310Boyle Valve   (Mike Boyle)Stevens / Miller80/810running0
1932-05Detroit14 3210Boyle Valve   (Mike Boyle)Stevens / Miller100/1000running0
1932-06Oakland15 1110Boyle Valve   (Mike Boyle)Stevens / Miller150/1500running11
1933-02Detroit14 115Boyle Valve   (Mike Boyle)Miller / Miller100/1000running100
1933-03Syracuse16 115Boyle Valve   (Mike Boyle)Miller / Miller100/1000running100
1934-01Indianapolis331017Boyle Products   (H.C. Henning)Miller FD / Miller200/20029,725running57
1934-03Syracuse13 177Boyle Products   (H.C. Henning)Miller / Miller93/1000running
1934-04Inglewood1911835DePaolo Auto Service   (Fred Frame)Duesenberg / Miller114/1260running
1935-01Indianapolis33 531Boyle Products   (H.C. Henning)Miller FD / Miller200/2006,650running0
1935-02St. Paul14 321Boyle Products   (H.C. Henning)Miller / Miller100/1000running
1935-04Syracuse16 521Boyle Products   (H.C. Henning)Miller / Miller100/1000running0
1935-05Altoona14 561Boyle Products   (H.C. Henning)Miller / Miller89/890running0
1936-04Westbury452682Boyle Products   (H.C. Henning)Miller / Offy75/751,600running0
1937-01Indianapolis33 1616Boyle Valve   (H.C. Henning)Miller FD / Offy200/2003,187running0
1937-02Westbury3018718Boyle Valve   (J. Moore)Miller / Offy90/905,300running0
1938-02Syracuse14 3814 98/100300running0