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Bryon Chew

NASCAR Whelen Modified Tour Results (races)

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RaceSiteCarsStFin#Sponsor / OwnerCarLapsMoneyStatusLed
2011-01Thompson33272988Buzz Chew Chevrolet / GT Vodka   (Buzz Chew)Chevrolet61/1500crash0
2011-02Stafford Springs31211288Buzz Chew Chevrolet / GT Vodka   (Buzz Chew)Chevrolet200/2000running0
2011-03Stafford Springs31211888Buzz Chew Chevrolet / GT Vodka   (Buzz Chew)Chevrolet124/1250running0
2011-04Monadnock28252488Buzz Chew Chevrolet / GT Vodka   (Buzz Chew)Chevrolet172/1750running0
2011-05Thompson27192788Buzz Chew Chevrolet / GT Vodka   (Buzz Chew)Chevrolet29/1500engine0
2011-06Loudon33281788Buzz Chew Chevrolet / GT Vodka   (Buzz Chew)Chevrolet98/1000running0
2011-07Riverhead28152588Buzz Chew Chevrolet / GT Vodka   (Buzz Chew)Chevrolet60/1750suspension0
2011-08Stafford Springs28161288Buzz Chew Chevrolet / GT Vodka   (Buzz Chew)Chevrolet150/1500running0
2011-09Loudon31251288Buzz Chew Chevrolet / GT Vodka   (Buzz Chew)Chevrolet105/1050running0
2011-10Bristol34172088Buzz Chew Chevrolet / GT Vodka   (Buzz Chew)Chevrolet42/1500crash0
2011-12Thompson25212388Buzz Chew Chevrolet / GT Vodka   (Buzz Chew)Chevrolet65/1250mechanical0
2011-13Lime Rock21212188Buzz Chew Chevrolet / GT Vodka   (Buzz Chew)Chevrolet3/660transmission0
2011-14Loudon29212088Buzz Chew Chevrolet / GT Vodka   (Buzz Chew)Chevrolet100/1000running0
2011-15Stafford Springs30202588Buzz Chew Chevrolet / GT Vodka   (Buzz Chew)Chevrolet128/1540engine0
2011-16Thompson34263088Buzz Chew Chevrolet / GT Vodka   (Buzz Chew)Chevrolet126/1680crash0
2012-01Thompson29251988Buzz Chew Chevrolet / GT Vodka   (Buzz Chew)Chevrolet122/1590running0
2012-02Stafford Springs28251088Buzz Chew Chevrolet / GT Vodka   (Buzz Chew)Chevrolet200/2000running0
2012-03Monadnock26101788Buzz Chew Chevrolet / GT Vodka   (Buzz Chew)Chevrolet174/1750running0
2012-04Stafford Springs26 31988Buzz Chew Chevrolet / The Elbow East   (Buzz Chew)Chevrolet125/1250running0
2012-05Waterford24 91488Buzz Chew Chevrolet / Elbow East   (Buzz Chew)Chevrolet160/1630running0
2012-06Loudon34 81488Buzz Chew Chevrolet / Elbow East   (Buzz Chew)Chevrolet100/1000running0
2012-07Stafford Springs27 92488Buzz Chew Chevrolet / Elbow East   (Buzz Chew)Chevrolet82/1500crash0
2012-08Thompson25162188Buzz Chew Chevrolet / Elbow East   (Buzz Chew)Chevrolet91/1500mechanical0
2012-09Bristol36 8988Buzz Chew Chevrolet / Elbow East   (Buzz Chew)Chevrolet147/1500running0
2012-10Thompson24201788Buzz Chew Chevrolet / Elbow East   (Buzz Chew)Chevrolet82/820running0
2012-12Loudon31232288Buzz Chew Chevrolet / Elbow East   (Buzz Chew)Chevrolet97/1000running0
2012-13Stafford Springs26 8888Buzz Chew Chevrolet / Elbow East   (Buzz Chew)Chevrolet150/1500running0
2012-14Thompson32131488Buzz Chew Chevrolet / Elbow East   (Buzz Chew)Chevrolet150/1500running0
2013-01Thompson29132588Buzz Chew Chevrolet / GT Vodka   (Buzz Chew)Chevrolet135/1500crash0
2013-02Stafford Springs26 62288Buzz Chew Chevrolet / GT Vodka   (Buzz Chew)Chevrolet149/2000crash0
2013-03Stafford Springs27151288Buzz Chew Chevrolet / GT Vodka   (Buzz Chew)Chevrolet125/1250running0
2013-04Waterford27 81088Buzz Chew Chevrolet / Elbow East   (Buzz Chew)Chevrolet166/1660running0
2013-05Riverhead2818988Buzz Chew Chevrolet / Elbow East   (Buzz Chew)Chevrolet207/2070running0
2013-06Loudon32 32688Buzz Chew Chevrolet / Elbow East   (Buzz Chew)Chevrolet78/1000crash0
2013-07Monadnock23 3488Buzz Chew Chevrolet / Elbow East   (Buzz Chew)Chevrolet200/2000running0
2013-08Stafford Springs26 62088Buzz Chew Chevrolet / Elbow East   (Buzz Chew)Chevrolet148/1500running0
2013-09Thompson27 52688Buzz Chew Chevrolet / Elbow East   (Buzz Chew)Chevrolet22/1580crash0
2013-10Bristol36 22388Buzz Chew Chevrolet / Elbow East   (Buzz Chew)Chevrolet9/1350crash0
2013-11Riverhead28212188Race Tek / Elbow East   (Buzz Chew)Chevrolet195/2000running0
2013-12Loudon26121188Buzz Chew Chevrolet / Elbow East   (Buzz Chew)Chevrolet100/1000running0
2013-13Stafford Springs25 81388Buzz Chew Chevrolet / Elbow East   (Buzz Chew)Chevrolet149/1500running0
2013-14Thompson29152788Buzz Chew Chevrolet / Elbow East   (Buzz Chew)Chevrolet74/1500crash0