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Chris Buescher

ARCA Menards Series Results (top 10s)

(1985-present only)

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RaceSiteCarsStFin#Sponsor / OwnerCarLapsMoneyStatusLed
2009-02Salem29   (Russ Roulo)Ford200/2000running0
2009-09Mansfield32 2317David Ragan Fan Club   (Russ Roulo)Ford202/2020running0
2009-10Iowa37 3417David Ragan Fan Club   (Russ Roulo)Ford200/2000running0
2009-16Toledo32 4817David Ragan Fan Club   (Russ Roulo)Ford200/2000running0
2009-21Rockingham41 7617Motorcycle Quick Stop / David Ragan Fan Club   (Russ Roulo)Ford200/2000running3
2010-06Toledo32 1117David Ragan Fan Club / Shriners   (Russ Roulo)Ford200/2000running126
2010-10Mansfield32 1717David Ragan Fan Club   (Russ Roulo)Ford198/2000running83
2010-13Millville35 5317Roulo Brothers Racing   (Russ Roulo)Ford67/670running0
2010-17Toledo3223117David Ragan Fan Club / Shriners Hospital   (Russ Roulo)Ford200/2000running28
2010-20Rockingham41 9717Roulo Brothers Racing / David Ragan Ford   (Russ Roulo)Ford200/2000running0
2011-01Daytona4319217David Ragan Ford, Perry Georgia   (Russ Roulo)Ford80/800running0 Ragan Ford/Jet Food   (Russ Roulo)Ford94/940running0
2011-04Toledo3120517David Ragan Fan Club   (Russ Roulo)Ford200/2000running0
2011-06Chicago34 7217PWS Technologies   (Russ Roulo)Ford100/1000running0
2011-07Pocono33 4217David Ragan Fan Club   (Russ Roulo)Ford59/590running27
2011-08Michigan40 4517Reliance Tool / David Ragan Ford   (Russ Roulo)Ford100/1000running0
2011-09Winchester31 3217David Ragan Ford   (Russ Roulo)Ford200/2000running0
2011-10Berlin32 5717David Ragan Fan Club   (Russ Roulo)Ford200/2000running0
2011-11Iowa3911317Reliance Tool / David Ragan Ford   (Russ Roulo)Ford200/2000running7
2011-13Pocono41 4317Reliance Tool / MVG Millenium   (Russ Roulo)Ford50/500running0
2011-14Springfield31 6817Reliance Tool / David Ragan Ford   (Russ Roulo)Ford107/1070running0
2011-15Madison33 2217Reliance Tool / David Ragan Ford   (Russ Roulo)Ford200/2000running90
2011-16DuQuoin34 7117Reliance Tool / David Ragan Ford   (Russ Roulo)Ford104/1040running60
2011-17Salem34 2117Jasper Engines & Trans. / Reliance Tool   (Russ Roulo)Ford200/2000running104
2011-18Kansas38 5217Reliance Tool / David Ragan Ford   (Russ Roulo)Ford99/990running2
2011-19Toledo35 4117Reliance Tool / David Ragan Ford   (Russ Roulo)Ford206/2060running53
2012-02Mobile3518617David Ragan Ford   (Russ Roulo)Ford203/2030running0
2012-03Salem34 1717Reliance Tool / David Ragan Ford   (Russ Roulo)Ford200/2000running39
2012-05Toledo35 3117BeavEx   (Russ Roulo)Ford200/2000running106
2012-06Elko28 4317Reliance Tool / BeavEx / David Ragan Ford   (Russ Roulo)Ford200/2000running0
2012-07Pocono34 9517BeavEx / Reliance Tool   (Russ Roulo)Ford80/800running3
2012-08Michigan34 9117Roulo Brothers Racing   (Russ Roulo)Ford100/1000running14
2012-09Winchester32 1417Roulo Brothers Racing   (Russ Roulo)Ford200/2000running35
2012-10Millville33 7317Roulo Brothers Racing   (Russ Roulo)Ford67/670running0
2012-12Chicago3410417BeavEx / Reliance Tool   (Russ Roulo)Ford100/1000running0
2012-13IRP3510717BeavEx   (Russ Roulo)Ford200/2000running0
2012-14Pocono35 3517Reliance Tool / BeavEx   (Russ Roulo)Ford50/500running0
2012-15Berlin29 3117Roulo Brothers Racing   (Russ Roulo)Ford200/2000running40
2012-16Springfield35 5517Reliance Tool   (Russ Roulo)Ford100/1000running0
2012-17Madison29 7117Roulo Brothers Racing   (Russ Roulo)Ford208/2080running110
2012-18Salem36 2217Roulo Brothers Racing   (Russ Roulo)Ford200/2000running47
2012-19Kansas40 9817Reliance Tool / BeavEx   (Russ Roulo)Ford99/990running0
2013-09Elkhart Lake27 6199Roulo Brothers Racing   (Gary Roulo)Ford40/400running1