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Christian Bogle

Indy Lights Series Results (races)

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RaceSiteCarsStFin#Sponsor / OwnerChassis / EngineLapsMoneyStatusLed
2021-01Birmingham1312107Pelican Energy   (Trevor Carlin)Dallara / Mazda30/300running0
2021-02Birmingham1313107Pelican Energy   (Trevor Carlin)Dallara / Mazda35/300running0
2021-03St. Petersburg1313117Pelican Energy   (Trevor Carlin)Dallara / Mazda35/350running0
2021-04St. Petersburg1313127Pelican Energy   (Trevor Carlin)Dallara / Mazda4/400crash0
2021-05Indianapolis G.P.1313127Pelican Energy   (Trevor Carlin)Dallara / Mazda30/300running0
2021-06Indianapolis G.P.1313127Pelican Energy   (Trevor Carlin)Dallara / Mazda35/350running0
2021-07Belle Isle1313137Pelican Energy   (Trevor Carlin)Dallara / Mazda21/250running0
2021-08Belle Isle131277Pelican Energy   (Trevor Carlin)Dallara / Mazda30/300running0
2021-09Elkhart Lake131397Pelican Energy   (Trevor Carlin)Dallara / Mazda20/200running0
2021-10Elkhart Lake131387Pelican Energy   (Trevor Carlin)Dallara / Mazda20/200running0
2021-11Mid-Ohio1312107Pelican Energy   (Trevor Carlin)Dallara / Mazda35/350running0
2021-12Mid-Ohio1313137Pelican Energy   (Trevor Carlin)Dallara / Mazda33/350running0
2021-13Gateway121187Pelican Energy   (Trevor Carlin)Dallara / Mazda64/660running0
2021-14Gateway121197Pelican Energy   (Trevor Carlin)Dallara / Mazda61/620running0
2021-15Portland1111107Pelican Energy   (Trevor Carlin)Dallara / Mazda30/300running0
2021-16Portland111187Pelican Energy   (Trevor Carlin)Dallara / Mazda30/300running0
2021-17Laguna Seca1111117Pelican Energy   (Trevor Carlin)Dallara / Mazda16/300off course0
2021-18Laguna Seca1111117Pelican Energy   (Trevor Carlin)Dallara / Mazda33/350running0
2021-19Mid-Ohio1211127Pelican Energy   (Trevor Carlin)Dallara / Mazda30/300running0
2021-20Mid-Ohio1212107Pelican Energy   (Trevor Carlin)Dallara / Mazda26/290running0
2022-01St. Petersburg14 897HMD Motorsports / Dale Coyne RacingDallara / Mazda45/450running0
2022-02Birmingham1413147HMD Motorsports / Dale Coyne RacingDallara / Mazda24/310mechanical0
2022-03Indianapolis G.P.141177HMD Motorsports / Dale Coyne RacingDallara / Mazda35/350running0
2022-04Indianapolis G.P.1411147HMD Motorsports / Dale Coyne RacingDallara / Mazda34/350running0