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Carlos Anaya

NASCAR Peak Mexico Series Results (races)

(2011-present only)

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RaceSiteCarsStFin#Sponsor / OwnerCarLapsMoneyStatusLed
2008-01Queretaro33312097La Costena / CDM   (Efrain Vega) 45/520running0
2008-02Mexico City36331797La Costena / CDM   (Efrain Vega) 40/400running0
2008-03San Luis Potosi30192997La Costena / CDM   (Efrain Vega) 2/1200dnf0
2008-04Guadalajara32281897La Costena / CDM   (Efrain Vega) 76/760running0
2008-05Zacatecas31231797La Costena / CDM   (Efrain Vega) 101/1020running0
2008-06Puebla31281697La Costena / CDM   (Efrain Vega) 94/950running0
2008-07Monterrey32291397La Costena / CDM   (Efrain Vega) 65/660running0
2008-08San Luis Potosi30212197La Costena / CDM   (Efrain Vega) 112/1200running0
2008-09Guadalajara32291297La Costena / CDM   (Efrain Vega) 114/1140running0
2008-10Puebla30212297La Costena / CDM   (Efrain Vega) 78/1000running0
2008-11Queretaro30291597La Costena / CDM   (Efrain Vega) 61/630running0
2008-12San Luis Potosi28182197La Costena / CDM   (Efrain Vega) 148/1500running0
2008-13Chiapas28211297La Costena / CDM   (Efrain Vega) 124/1240running0
2008-14Mexico City32181097La Costena / CDM   (Efrain Vega) 92/920running0
2009-01Aguascalientes27202497La Costena / CDM 103/1430running0
2009-02Chiapas241197La Costena / CDM 146/1470running0
2009-03San Luis Potosi30201397La Costena / CDM 149/1500running0
2009-04Puebla31251997La Costena / CDM 95/970dnf
2009-05Queretaro31252297La Costena / CDM 66/680running
2009-06Guadalajara30261197La Costena / CDM 130/1300running
2009-07Zacatecas28241397La Costena / CDM 100/1010running
2009-08San Luis Potosi28261697La Costena / CDM 198/2000running
2009-09Puebla33162697La Costena / CDM 44/510running
2009-10Monterrey29221697La Costena / CDM 99/990running
2009-11Queretaro30292997La Costena / CDM 50/1320dnf
2009-12Mexico City32302197La Costena / CDM 101/1020running
2009-13Chiapas27211297La Costena / CDM 152/1520running
2009-14Aguascalientes31222197La Costena / CDM 135/1430running
2010-03San Luis Potosi32302997La Costena / CDMChevrolet111/1920dnf
2010-05Mexico City33223397La Costena / CDMChevrolet79/1250dnf
2010-06Puebla35222397La Costena / CDMChevrolet55/570running
2010-07Guadalajara33302097La Costena / CDMChevrolet134/1370running
2010-09San Luis Potosi34211697La Costena / CDMChevrolet201/2040running
2010-10Mexico City342797La Costena / CDMChevrolet101/1250dnf
2011-01Monterrey34321671Conservas La CostenaChevrolet62/620running
2011-06Puebla34342971Conservas La CostenaChevrolet117/1200running0