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A.J. Allmendinger

CART / CCWS Results (races)

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RaceSiteCarsStFin#Sponsor / OwnerChassis / EngineLapsMoneyStatusLed
2004-01Long Beach18 81210BG Products / Red Bull   (Carl Russo)Lola / Ford79/810running0
2004-02Monterrey18111710BG Products / Red Bull   (Carl Russo)Lola / Ford24/720fire0
2004-03Milwaukee1813510BG Products / Red Bull   (Carl Russo)Lola / Ford249/2500running0
2004-04Portland18 5610BG Products / Red Bull   (Carl Russo)Lola / Ford94/940running0
2004-05Cleveland18 4610BG Products / Red Bull   (Carl Russo)Lola / Ford97/970running0
2004-06Toronto18 81110Western Union   (Carl Russo)Lola / Ford82/840running0
2004-07Vancouver1811310Western Union   (Carl Russo)Lola / Ford85/850running0
2004-08Elkhart Lake18 71310Lance Armstrong Foundation   (Carl Russo)Lola / Ford47/480running0
2004-09Denver18 7510Western Union   (Carl Russo)Lola / Ford90/900running0
2004-10Montreal18 2510Western Union   (Carl Russo)Lola / Ford69/690running10
2004-11Laguna Seca18 41510Western Union   (Carl Russo)Lola / Ford43/790crash0
2004-12Las Vegas18 7610Western Union   (Carl Russo)Lola / Ford166/1660running0
2004-13Queensland19 4610Western Union   (Carl Russo)Lola / Ford57/570running6
2004-14Mexico City19 7310Western Union   (Carl Russo)Lola / Ford63/630running0
2005-01Long Beach1910810Beijing '06 / Red Bull   (Carl Russo)Lola / Ford81/810running0
2005-02Monterrey19111010Beijing '06 / Red Bull   (Carl Russo)Lola / Ford75/760running0
2005-03Milwaukee17 2210Beijing '06 / Red Bull   (Carl Russo)Lola / Ford221/2210running0
2005-04Portland18 2510Beijing '06 / Red Bull   (Carl Russo)Lola / Ford105/1050running0
2005-05Cleveland18 9210Beijing '06 / Red Bull   (Carl Russo)Lola / Ford91/910running19
2005-06Toronto18 91210Western Union   (Carl Russo)Lola / Ford80/860crash0
2005-07Edmonton18 11410Western Union   (Carl Russo)Lola / Ford80/880gearbox40
2005-08San Jose18 41710CDW   (Carl Russo)Lola / Ford12/930crash0
2005-09Denver18 4310Western Union   (Carl Russo)Lola / Ford97/970running0
2005-10Montreal18 4910Western Union   (Carl Russo)Lola / Ford79/790running0
2005-11Las Vegas18 81310Intel   (Carl Russo)Lola / Ford163/1660running0
2005-12Queensland19 6210Intel / Western Union   (Carl Russo)Lola / Ford57/570running0
2005-13Mexico City19 2210Western Union   (Carl Russo)Lola / Ford70/700running0
2006-01Long Beach18 41610RuSPORT / Red Bull   (Carl Russo)Lola / Ford0/740crash0
2006-02Houston17 4810RuSPORT / Red Bull   (Carl Russo)Lola / Ford96/960running0
2006-03Monterrey17 3310RuSPORT / Red Bull   (Carl Russo)Lola / Ford76/760running0
2006-04Milwaukee17 3410RuSPORT / Red Bull   (Carl Russo)Lola / Ford197/1970running7
2006-05Portland18 217Indeck   (Gerry Forsythe)Lola / Ford105/1050running100
2006-06Cleveland18 117Indeck   (Gerry Forsythe)Lola / Ford95/950running36
2006-07Toronto17 217Indeck   (Gerry Forsythe)Lola / Ford86/860running38
2006-08Edmonton18 437Indeck   (Gerry Forsythe)Lola / Ford85/850running0
2006-09San Jose17 377Indeck   (Gerry Forsythe)Lola / Ford97/970running0
2006-10Denver16 217Indeck   (Gerry Forsythe)Lola / Ford97/970running45
2006-11Montreal17 2177Indeck   (Gerry Forsythe)Lola / Ford14/670driveshaft13
2006-12Elkhart Lake17 517Indeck   (Gerry Forsythe)Lola / Ford51/510running7
2006-13Queensland17 7167Indeck   (Gerry Forsythe)Lola / Ford18/590crash0