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Car number 37

Formula One Series Results

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RaceSiteCarsStFin#DriverChassis / EngineLapsMoneyStatusLed
1952-02Indianapolis3323737Jimmy ReeceKK4000 / Offenhauser 4.5 L4200/2000+635.240
1953-07Nurburgring36321537Ernst KlodwigBMW Heck / BMW 2.0 L615/180+3 laps0
1955-03Indianapolis33132237Eddie RussoPawl / Offenhauser 4.5 L4112/2000ignition0
1959-02Indianapolis3312737Duane CarterKurtis / Offenhauser 4.5 L4200/2000+249.920
1960-03Indianapolis33202837Gene ForceKK500J / Offenhauser 4.5 L474/2000brakes0
1961-06Nurburgring27201537Tony MarshLotus Mk18 / Climax 1.5 L413/150+2 laps0
1971-10Bowmanville27152337Graham HillBrabham BT34 / Ford Cosworth DFV2/640crash0
1974-01Oscar Galvez26241837Francois MigaultBRM P160E / BRM P14231/530water leak0
1974-02Interlagos25231637Francois MigaultBRM P160E / BRM P14230/320+2 laps0
1974-03Kyalami27251537Francois MigaultBRM P160E / BRM P14275/780+3 laps0
1974-04Jarama26221937Francois MigaultBRM P160E / BRM P14227/840engine0
1974-05Nivelles-Baulers31251637Francois MigaultBRM P160E / BRM P14282/850+3 laps0
1974-06Monte Carlo27221637Francois MigaultBRM P160E / BRM P1424/780crash0
1974-08Zandvoort25251537Francois MigaultBRM Stanley P201 / BRM P14260/750gearbox0
1974-09Dijon-Prenois22221437Francois MigaultBRM P160E / BRM P14278/800+2 laps0
1974-10Brands Hatch25141637Francois MigaultBRM P160E / BRM P14262/750+13 laps0
1974-13Monza25242437Francois MigaultBRM Stanley P201 / BRM P1421/520gearbox0
1976-04Jarama24241337Larry PerkinsBoro Ensign N175 / Ford Cosworth DFV72/750+3 laps0
1976-05Zolder2620837Larry PerkinsBoro Ensign N175 / Ford Cosworth DFV69/700+1 lap0
1976-07Anderstorp26222137Larry PerkinsBoro Ensign N175 / Ford Cosworth DFV18/720engine0
1977-05Jarama25212037Arturo MerzarioMarch 761B / Ford Cosworth DFV16/750suspension0
1977-07Zolder27141437Arturo MerzarioMarch 761B / Ford Cosworth DFV65/700+5 laps0
1977-09Dijon-Prenois22181837Arturo MerzarioMarch 761B / Ford Cosworth DFV27/800gearbox0
1977-10Silverstone26171937Arturo MerzarioMarch 761B / Ford Cosworth DFV28/680transmission0
1978-01Oscar Galvez24202337Arturo MerzarioMerzario A1 / Ford Cosworth DFV9/520differential0
1978-03Kyalami26262137Arturo MerzarioMerzario A1 / Ford Cosworth DFV39/780suspension0
1978-04Long Beach24211937Arturo MerzarioMerzario A1 / Ford Cosworth DFV17/800gearbox0
1978-08Anderstorp24221637Arturo MerzarioMerzario A1 / Ford Cosworth DFV62/700+8 laps0
1978-10Brands Hatch26231937Arturo MerzarioMerzario A1 / Ford Cosworth DFV32/760fuel system0
1978-13Zandvoort27261637Arturo MerzarioMerzario A1 / Ford Cosworth DFV40/750engine0
1978-14Monza24221837Arturo MerzarioMerzario A1 / Ford Cosworth DFV14/400engine0
1978-15Watkins Glen26261737Arturo MerzarioMerzario A1 / Ford Cosworth DFV46/590gearbox0
1981-07Jarama25252537Emilio de VillotaWilliams FW07 / Ford Cosworth DFV0/800excluded0
1989-07Paul Ricard26111337Bertrand GachotOnyx ORE-1 / Ford DFR76/800engine0
1989-08Silverstone26211237Bertrand GachotOnyx ORE-1 / Ford DFR62/640+2 laps0
1989-10Hungaroring26211937Bertrand GachotOnyx ORE-1 / Ford DFR38/770gearbox0
1989-11Spa Francorchamps26231837Bertrand GachotOnyx ORE-1 / Ford DFR21/440spun off0
1989-12Monza26221537Bertrand GachotOnyx ORE-1 / Ford DFR38/530radiator0
1989-14Jerez26172137J.J. LehtoOnyx ORE-1 / Ford DFR20/730gearbox0
1989-16Adelaide26171037J.J. LehtoOnyx ORE-1 / Ford DFR27/700electrical0