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Car number 29

Formula One Series Results

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RaceSiteCarsStFin#DriverChassis / EngineLapsMoneyStatusLed
1952-02Indianapolis33261229Jim RigsbyWatson / Offenhauser 4.5 L4200/2000+965.100
1952-05Silverstone32142329Peter CollinsHWM / Alta 1.573/850ignition0
1953-02Indianapolis33113129Bob ScottBromme / Offenhauser14/2000oil leak0
1953-06Silverstone29 82329Maurice TrintignantGordini T16 / Gordini 2.0 L614/900axle0
1954-05Silverstone32181029Bob GerardCooper T23 / Bristol 2.0 L685/900+5 laps0
1955-03Indianapolis3319829Pat O'ConnorKK500D / Offenhauser 4.5 L4200/2000+401.600
1956-03Indianapolis33 83329Paul RussoKurtis / Novi 3.0 L8C21/2000crash11
1956-06Silverstone28202229Bruce HalfordMaserati 250F / Maserati 2.5 L622/1010engine0
1957-06Nurburgring24242329Dick GibsonCooper T43/F2 / Climax 1.5 L43/220steering0
1958-04Indianapolis33121629A.J. FoytKuzma / Offenhauser 4.5 L4148/2000spun out0
1958-08Nurburgring26252329Brian NaylorCooper T45/F2 / Climax 1.5 L41/150fuel pump0
1963-02Spa Francorchamps2018629Carel Godin de BeaufortPorsche 718 / Porsche 1.5 B430/320+2 laps0
1964-03Spa Francorchamps20101129Peter RevsonLotus 24 / BRM 1.5 V828/320disqualified0
1964-06Nurburgring23232329Carel Godin de BeaufortPorsche 718 / Porsche 1.5 B40/150did not start0
1965-03Spa Francorchamps20191529Masten GregoryBRM P57 / BRM 1.5 V812/320fuel pump0
1967-04Spa Francorchamps18 4429Jochen RindtCooper T81B / Maserati 3.0 V1228/280+133.90
1970-07Brands Hatch25231029Pete LovelyLotus 49B / Ford Cosworth DFV69/800+11 laps0
1970-12Watkins Glen24151129Ronnie PetersonMarch 701 / Ford Cosworth DPV104/1080+4 laps0
1971-04Zandvoort24101929Rolf StommelenSurtees TS9 / Ford Cosworth DFV19/700disqualified0
1971-11Watkins Glen32281629Jo BonnierMcLaren M7C / Ford Cosworth DFV54/590out of fuel0
1972-03Jarama2516629Carlos PaceMarch 711 / Ford Cosworth DFV89/900+1 lap0
1972-05Nivelles-Baulers26 42029Jacky IckxFerrari 312B2 / Ferrari 001/147/850injection0
1972-07Brands Hatch27242229Dave CharltonLotus 72D / Ford Cosworth DFV21/760gearbox0
1972-08Nurburgring27262629Dave CharltonLotus 72D / Ford Cosworth DFV4/140physical0
1972-09Spielberg26252129Francois MigaultConnew PC1 / Ford Cosworth DFV22/540suspension0
1972-10Monza25191729Wilson FittipaldiBrabham BT34 / Ford Cosworth DFV20/550suspension0
1972-11Bowmanville2518929Carlos PaceMarch 711 / Ford Cosworth DFV78/800out of fuel0
1972-12Watkins Glen32 52729Carlos ReutemannBrabham BT37 / Ford Cosworth DFV31/590engine0
1973-08Paul Ricard25251529Rikky von OpelEnsign N173 / Ford Cosworth DFV51/540+3 laps0
1973-09Silverstone29231629John WatsonBrabham BT42 / Ford Cosworth DFV36/670fuel system0
1973-13Monza2524929David PurleyMarch 731 / Ford Cosworth DFV54/550+1 lap0
1973-14Bowmanville26111029Chris AmonTyrrell 005 / Ford Cosworth DFV77/800+3 laps0
1973-15Watkins Glen28122729Chris AmonTyrrell 005 / Ford Cosworth DFV0/590did not start0
1974-03Kyalami27221329Ian ScheckterLotus 72E / Ford Cosworth DFV76/780+2 laps0
1974-13Monza25201929Tim SchenkenTrojan T103 / Ford Cosworth DFV15/520gearbox0
1975-10Silverstone26222329Lella LombardiMarch 751 / Ford Cosworth DFV18/560engine0
1975-11Nurburgring2525729Lella LombardiMarch 751 / Ford Cosworth DFV14/140+450.40
1975-12Spielberg28211729Lella LombardiMarch 751 / Ford Cosworth DFV26/290+3 laps0
1975-13Monza26241629Lella LombardiMarch 751 / Ford Cosworth DFV21/520crash0
1977-01Oscar Galvez21191729Ingo HoffmannFittipaldi FD04 / Ford Cosworth DFV22/530engine0
1977-02Interlagos2219729Ingo HoffmannFittipaldi FD04 / Ford Cosworth DFV38/400+2 laps0
1978-12Spielberg26202429Nelson PiquetMcLaren M23 / Ford Cosworth DFV4/540crash0
1978-13Zandvoort27252229Nelson PiquetMcLaren M23 / Ford Cosworth DFV16/750transmission0
1978-14Monza2424929Nelson PiquetMcLaren M23 / Ford Cosworth DFV40/400+66.830
1979-01Oscar Galvez26132529Riccardo PatreseArrows A1B / Ford Cosworth DFV0/530did not start0
1979-02Interlagos2416929Riccardo PatreseArrows A1B / Ford Cosworth DFV39/400+1 lap0
1979-03Kyalami24161129Riccardo PatreseArrows A1B / Ford Cosworth DFV75/780+3 laps0
1979-04Long Beach26 91729Riccardo PatreseArrows A1B / Ford Cosworth DFV40/800brakes0
1979-05Jarama24161029Riccardo PatreseArrows A1B / Ford Cosworth DFV74/750+1 lap0
1979-06Zolder2416529Riccardo PatreseArrows A1B / Ford Cosworth DFV70/700+64.310
1979-07Monte Carlo20152029Riccardo PatreseArrows A1B / Ford Cosworth DFV4/760suspension0
1979-08Dijon-Prenois25191429Riccardo PatreseArrows A2 / Ford Cosworth DFV77/800+3 laps0
1979-09Silverstone24191529Riccardo PatreseArrows A2 / Ford Cosworth DFV45/680gearbox0
1979-10Hockenheimring24191329Riccardo PatreseArrows A2 / Ford Cosworth DFV34/450tire0
1979-11Spielberg24131329Riccardo PatreseArrows A2 / Ford Cosworth DFV34/540suspension0
1979-12Zandvoort24191829Riccardo PatreseArrows A2 / Ford Cosworth DFV7/750brakes0
1979-13Monza24171329Riccardo PatreseArrows A2 / Ford Cosworth DFV47/500+3 laps0
1979-14Montreal25142029Riccardo PatreseArrows A1B / Ford Cosworth DFV20/720spun off0
1979-15Watkins Glen24191129Riccardo PatreseArrows A2 / Ford Cosworth DFV44/590suspension0
1980-01Oscar Galvez24 71429Riccardo PatreseArrows A3 / Ford Cosworth DFV27/530engine0
1980-02Interlagos2414629Riccardo PatreseArrows A3 / Ford Cosworth DFV39/400+1 lap0
1980-03Kyalami25112229Riccardo PatreseArrows A3 / Ford Cosworth DFV10/780spun off0
1980-04Long Beach24 8229Riccardo PatreseArrows A3 / Ford Cosworth DFV80/800+49.2120
1980-05Zolder24161429Riccardo PatreseArrows A3 / Ford Cosworth DFV58/720spun off0
1980-06Monte Carlo2011829Riccardo PatreseArrows A3 / Ford Cosworth DFV73/760+3 laps0
1980-07Paul Ricard2418929Riccardo PatreseArrows A3 / Ford Cosworth DFV53/540+1 lap0
1980-08Brands Hatch2421929Riccardo PatreseArrows A3 / Ford Cosworth DFV73/760+3 laps0
1980-09Hockenheimring2410929Riccardo PatreseArrows A3 / Ford Cosworth DFV44/450+1 lap0
1980-10Spielberg24181429Riccardo PatreseArrows A3 / Ford Cosworth DFV53/540+1 lap0
1980-11Zandvoort25141529Riccardo PatreseArrows A3 / Ford Cosworth DFV29/720engine0
1980-12Imola24 71729Riccardo PatreseArrows A3 / Ford Cosworth DFV38/600engine0
1980-13Montreal24112229Riccardo PatreseArrows A3 / Ford Cosworth DFV6/700crash0
1980-14Watkins Glen25202029Riccardo PatreseArrows A3 / Ford Cosworth DFV16/590spun off0
1981-01Long Beach24 11729Riccardo PatreseArrows A3 / Ford Cosworth DFV33/800fuel system24
1981-02Jacarepagua24 4329Riccardo PatreseArrows A3 / Ford Cosworth DFV62/420+63.080
1981-03Oscar Galvez24 9729Riccardo PatreseArrows A3 / Ford Cosworth DFV52/530+1 lap0
1981-04Imola24 9229Riccardo PatreseArrows A3 / Ford Cosworth DFV60/600+4.580
1981-05Zolder24 42329Riccardo PatreseArrows A3 / Ford Cosworth DFV0/540crash0
1981-06Monte Carlo20 51629Riccardo PatreseArrows A3 / Ford Cosworth DFV29/760gearbox0
1981-07Jarama25122329Riccardo PatreseArrows A3 / Ford Cosworth DFV21/800brakes0
1981-08Dijon-Prenois24181429Riccardo PatreseArrows A3 / Ford Cosworth DFV77/800+3 laps0
1981-09Silverstone24101029Riccardo PatreseArrows A3 / Ford Cosworth DFV64/680engine0
1981-10Hockenheimring24131929Riccardo PatreseArrows A3 / Ford Cosworth DFV27/450engine0
1981-11Spielberg24101429Riccardo PatreseArrows A3 / Ford Cosworth DFV43/530engine0
1981-12Zandvoort25101929Riccardo PatreseArrows A3 / Ford Cosworth DFV16/720suspension0
1981-13Monza24201629Riccardo PatreseArrows A3 / Ford Cosworth DFV18/520gearbox0
1981-14Montreal24182329Riccardo PatreseArrows A3 / Ford Cosworth DFV6/630spun off0
1981-15Caesar's24111129Riccardo PatreseArrows A3 / Ford Cosworth DFV71/750+4 laps0
1982-03Long Beach26201429Brian HentonArrows A4 / Ford Cosworth DFV32/750spun off0
1982-05Zolder2822729Marc SurerArrows A4 / Ford Cosworth DFV66/700+4 laps0
1982-06Monte Carlo2019929Marc SurerArrows A4 / Ford Cosworth DFV70/760+6 laps0
1982-07Detroit2620929Marc SurerArrows A4 / Ford Cosworth DFV60/620+2 laps0
1982-08Montreal2616529Marc SurerArrows A4 / Ford Cosworth DFV69/700+1 lap0
1982-09Zandvoort26171029Marc SurerArrows A4 / Ford Cosworth DFV71/720+1 lap0
1982-10Brands Hatch26221329Marc SurerArrows A4 / Ford Cosworth DFV59/760engine0
1982-11Paul Ricard26201329Marc SurerArrows A4 / Ford Cosworth DFV52/540+2 laps0
1982-12Hockenheimring2726629Marc SurerArrows A4 / Ford Cosworth DFV44/450+1 lap0
1982-13Spielberg26211329Marc SurerArrows A4 / Ford Cosworth DFV28/530engine0
1982-14Dijon-Prenois26141529Marc SurerArrows A5 / Ford Cosworth DFV76/800+4 laps0
1982-15Monza26191629Marc SurerArrows A4 / Ford Cosworth DFV28/520ignition0
1982-16Caesar's2717729Marc SurerArrows A5 / Ford Cosworth DFV74/750+1 lap0
1983-01Jacarepagua2620629Marc SurerArrows A6 / Ford Cosworth DFV63/630+78.2070
1983-02Long Beach2616529Marc SurerArrows A6 / Ford Cosworth DFV74/750+1 lap0
1983-03Paul Ricard26211029Marc SurerArrows A6 / Ford Cosworth DFV53/540+1 lap0
1983-04Imola2612629Marc SurerArrows A6 / Ford Cosworth DFV59/600+1 lap0
1983-05Monte Carlo20121029Marc SurerArrows A6 / Ford Cosworth DFV49/760crash0
1983-06Spa Francorchamps26101129Marc SurerArrows A6 / Ford Cosworth DFV39/400+1 lap0
1983-07Detroit26 51129Marc SurerArrows A6 / Ford Cosworth DFV58/600+2 laps0
1983-08Montreal26142529Marc SurerArrows A6 / Ford Cosworth DFV0/700transmission0
1983-09Silverstone26191729Marc SurerArrows A6 / Ford Cosworth DFV64/670+3 laps0
1983-10Hockenheimring2620729Marc SurerArrows A6 / Ford Cosworth DFV44/450+1 lap0
1983-11Spielberg26222529Marc SurerArrows A6 / Ford Cosworth DFV0/530crash0
1983-12Zandvoort2614829Marc SurerArrows A6 / Ford Cosworth DFV70/720+2 laps0
1983-13Monza26201029Marc SurerArrows A6 / Ford Cosworth DFV51/520+1 lap0
1983-14Brands Hatch26171929Marc SurerArrows A6 / Ford Cosworth DFV50/760engine0
1983-15Kyalami2622829Marc SurerArrows A6 / Ford Cosworth DFV75/770+2 laps0
1985-01Jacarepagua25251729Pierluigi MartiniMinardi M85 / Ford Cosworth DFV41/610engine0
1985-02Estoril26252229Pierluigi MartiniMinardi M85 / Ford Cosworth DFV12/670spun off0
1985-03Imola26191929Pierluigi MartiniMinardi M85 / Ford Cosworth DFV14/600turbo0
1985-05Montreal25251829Pierluigi MartiniMinardi M85 / Ford Cosworth DFV57/700crash0
1985-06Detroit25252129Pierluigi MartiniMinardi M85 / Ford Cosworth DFV11/630engine0
1985-07Paul Ricard26252029Pierluigi MartiniMinardi M85 / Ford Cosworth DFV19/530crash0
1985-08Silverstone26231529Pierluigi MartiniMinardi M85 / Ford Cosworth DFV38/650transmission0
1985-09Nurburgring27271129Pierluigi MartiniMinardi M85 / Ford Cosworth DFV62/670engine0
1985-10Spielberg26261229Pierluigi MartiniMinardi M85 / Ford Cosworth DFV40/520suspension0
1985-11Zandvoort26242429Pierluigi MartiniMinardi M85 / Ford Cosworth DFV1/700crash0
1985-12Monza26242429Pierluigi MartiniMinardi M85 / Ford Cosworth DFV2/510clutch0
1985-13Spa Francorchamps24241229Pierluigi MartiniMinardi M85 / Ford Cosworth DFV38/430+5 laps0
1985-14Brands Hatch26262629Pierluigi MartiniMinardi M85 / Ford Cosworth DFV3/750crash0
1985-15Kyalami2120929Pierluigi MartiniMinardi M85 / Ford Cosworth DFV45/750radiator0
1985-16Adelaide2523829Pierluigi MartiniMinardi M85 / Ford Cosworth DFV78/820+4 laps0
1986-03Imola26242429Huub RothengatterZakspeed 861 / Zakspeed 1500/47/600turbo0
1986-05Spa Francorchamps25231529Huub RothengatterZakspeed 861 / Zakspeed 1500/425/430electrical0
1986-06Montreal25241229Huub RothengatterZakspeed 861 / Zakspeed 1500/463/690+6 laps0
1986-07Detroit26262629Huub RothengatterZakspeed 861 / Zakspeed 1500/40/630electrical0
1986-08Paul Ricard26241729Huub RothengatterZakspeed 861 / Zakspeed 1500/432/800crash0
1986-09Brands Hatch26251729Huub RothengatterZakspeed 861 / Zakspeed 1500/424/750engine0
1986-10Hockenheimring26241429Huub RothengatterZakspeed 861 / Zakspeed 1500/438/440gearbox0
1986-11Hungaroring26252529Huub RothengatterZakspeed 861 / Zakspeed 1500/42/760radiator0
1986-12Spielberg2624829Huub RothengatterZakspeed 861 / Zakspeed 1500/448/520+4 laps0
1986-13Monza27242629Huub RothengatterZakspeed 861 / Zakspeed 1500/41/510engine0
1986-14Estoril27262529Huub RothengatterZakspeed 861 / Zakspeed 1500/49/700transmission0
1986-15Mexico City26232629Huub RothengatterZakspeed 861 / Zakspeed 1500/40/680did not start0
1986-16Adelaide26232229Huub RothengatterZakspeed 861 / Zakspeed 1500/429/820suspension0
1987-14Mexico City2623929Yannick DalmasLola LC867 / Ford Cosworth DFZ59/630+4 laps0
1987-15Suzuka27221429Yannick DalmasLola LC867 / Ford Cosworth DFZ47/510+4 laps0
1987-16Adelaide2621529Yannick DalmasLola LC867 / Ford Cosworth DFZ79/820+3 laps0
1988-01Jacarepagua26171629Yannick DalmasLola LC88 / Ford Cosworth DFZ32/600engine0
1988-02Imola26191229Yannick DalmasLola LC88 / Ford Cosworth DFZ58/600+2 laps0
1988-03Monte Carlo2621729Yannick DalmasLola LC88 / Ford Cosworth DFZ77/780+1 lap0
1988-04Mexico City2622929Yannick DalmasLola LC88 / Ford Cosworth DFZ64/670+3 laps0
1988-06Detroit2624729Yannick DalmasLola LC88 / Ford Cosworth DFZ61/630+2 laps0
1988-07Paul Ricard26191329Yannick DalmasLola LC88 / Ford Cosworth DFZ78/800+2 laps0
1988-08Silverstone26231329Yannick DalmasLola LC88 / Ford Cosworth DFZ63/650+2 laps0
1988-09Hockenheimring26211929Yannick DalmasLola LC88 / Ford Cosworth DFZ39/440clutch0
1988-10Hungaroring2617929Yannick DalmasLola LC88 / Ford Cosworth DFZ73/760+3 laps0
1988-11Spa Francorchamps26232429Yannick DalmasLola LC88 / Ford Cosworth DFZ9/430engine0
1988-12Monza26252129Yannick DalmasLola LC88 / Ford Cosworth DFZ17/510radiator0
1988-13Estoril26152129Yannick DalmasLola LC88 / Ford Cosworth DFZ20/700alternator0
1988-14Jerez26161129Yannick DalmasLola LC88 / Ford Cosworth DFZ71/720+1 lap0
1988-15Suzuka26201629Aguri SuzukiLola LC88 / Ford Cosworth DFZ48/510+3 laps0
1989-02Imola26262629Yannick DalmasLola LC89 / Lamborghini 35120/580electrical0
1989-07Paul Ricard26151129Eric BernardLola LC89 / Lamborghini 351277/800+3 laps0
1989-08Silverstone26131629Eric BernardLola LC89 / Lamborghini 351246/640engine0
1989-09Hockenheimring26262529Michele AlboretoLola LC89 / Lamborghini 35121/450electrical0
1989-10Hungaroring26262329Michele AlboretoLola LC89 / Lamborghini 351226/770engine0
1989-11Spa Francorchamps26222029Michele AlboretoLola LC89 / Lamborghini 351219/440crash0
1989-12Monza26132329Michele AlboretoLola LC89 / Lamborghini 351214/530electrical0
1989-13Estoril26211129Michele AlboretoLola LC89 / Lamborghini 351269/710+2 laps0
1990-01Phoenix2615829Eric BernardLola LC89B / Lamborghini 351271/720+1 lap0
1990-02Interlagos26112429Eric BernardLola LC89B / Lamborghini 351213/710gearbox0
1990-03Imola27131329Eric BernardLola LC90 / Lamborghini 351256/610clutch0
1990-04Monte Carlo2624629Eric BernardLola LC90 / Lamborghini 351276/780+2 laps0
1990-05Montreal2623929Eric BernardLola LC90 / Lamborghini 351267/700+3 laps0
1990-06Mexico City26252229Eric BernardLola LC90 / Lamborghini 351212/690brakes0
1990-07Paul Ricard2611829Eric BernardLola LC90 / Lamborghini 351279/800+1 lap0
1990-08Silverstone26 8429Eric BernardLola LC90 / Lamborghini 351264/640+75.3020
1990-09Hockenheimring26121329Eric BernardLola LC90 / Lamborghini 351235/450fuel pump0
1990-10Hungaroring2612629Eric BernardLola LC90 / Lamborghini 351277/770+84.3080
1990-11Spa Francorchamps2615929Eric BernardLola LC90 / Lamborghini 351243/440+1 lap0
1990-12Monza26132429Eric BernardLola LC90 / Lamborghini 351210/530clutch0
1990-13Estoril26102029Eric BernardLola LC90 / Lamborghini 351224/610gearbox0
1990-14Jerez26182029Eric BernardLola LC90 / Lamborghini 351220/730gearbox0
1990-15Suzuka26181629Eric BernardLola LC90 / Lamborghini 351224/530engine0
1990-16Adelaide26232329Eric BernardLola LC90 / Lamborghini 351221/810gearbox0
1991-01Phoenix26192629Eric BernardLola LC91 / Ford DFR4/810engine0
1991-02Interlagos26111829Eric BernardLola LC91 / Ford DFR33/710radiator0
1991-03Imola26171829Eric BernardLola LC91 / Ford DFR17/610engine0
1991-04Monte Carlo2621929Eric BernardLola LC91 / Ford DFR76/780+2 laps0
1991-05Montreal26191629Eric BernardLola LC91 / Ford DFR29/690gearbox0
1991-06Mexico City2618629Eric BernardLola LC91 / Ford DFR66/670+1 lap0
1991-07Magny-Cours26231629Eric BernardLola LC91 / Ford DFR43/720transmission0
1991-08Silverstone26212429Eric BernardLola LC91 / Ford DFR21/590transmission0
1991-09Hockenheimring26252529Eric BernardLola LC91 / Ford DFR9/450transmission0
1991-10Hungaroring26212329Eric BernardLola LC91 / Ford DFR38/770engine0
1991-11Spa Francorchamps26202129Eric BernardLola LC91 / Ford DFR21/440gearbox0
1991-12Monza26242329Eric BernardLola LC91 / Ford DFR21/530engine0
1991-14Catalunya26232529Eric BernardLola LC91 / Ford DFR0/650crash0
1992-01Kyalami26222529Bertrand GachotLarrousse LC92 / Lamborghini 35128/720steering0
1992-02Mexico City26131129Bertrand GachotLarrousse LC92 / Lamborghini 351266/690+3 laps0
1992-03Interlagos26182129Bertrand GachotLarrousse LC92 / Lamborghini 351223/710suspension0
1992-04Catalunya26241729Bertrand GachotLarrousse LC92 / Lamborghini 351235/650engine0
1992-05Imola26191829Bertrand GachotLarrousse LC92 / Lamborghini 351232/600spun off0
1992-06Monte Carlo2615629Bertrand GachotLarrousse LC92 / Lamborghini 351277/780+1 lap0
1992-07Montreal26192529Bertrand GachotLarrousse LC92 / Lamborghini 351214/690disqualified0
1992-08Magny-Cours26132429Bertrand GachotLarrousse LC92 / Lamborghini 35120/690crash0
1992-09Silverstone26112329Bertrand GachotLarrousse LC92 / Lamborghini 351232/590wheel0
1992-10Hockenheimring26251429Bertrand GachotLarrousse LC92 / Lamborghini 351244/450+1 lap0
1992-11Hungaroring26151729Bertrand GachotLarrousse LC92 / Lamborghini 351213/770crash0
1992-12Spa Francorchamps26201829Bertrand GachotLarrousse LC92 / Lamborghini 351240/440spun off0
1992-13Monza26102329Bertrand GachotLarrousse LC92 / Lamborghini 351211/530engine0
1992-14Estoril26132329Bertrand GachotLarrousse LC92 / Lamborghini 351225/710engine0
1992-15Suzuka26181829Bertrand GachotLarrousse LC92 / Lamborghini 351239/530crash0
1992-16Adelaide26211629Bertrand GachotLarrousse LC92 / Lamborghini 351251/810fuel system0
1993-01Kyalami26101429Karl WendlingerSauber C12 / Sauber 217533/720engine0
1993-02Interlagos25 81329Karl WendlingerSauber C12 / Sauber 217561/710engine0
1993-03Donington Park25 52429Karl WendlingerSauber C12 / Sauber 21750/760crash0
1993-04Imola25 51129Karl WendlingerSauber C12 / Sauber 217548/610engine0
1993-05Catalunya25 61729Karl WendlingerSauber C12 / Sauber 217542/650fuel system0
1993-06Monte Carlo25 81329Karl WendlingerSauber C12 / Sauber 217574/780+4 laps0
1993-07Montreal25 9629Karl WendlingerSauber C12 / Sauber 217568/690+1 lap0
1993-08Magny-Cours25111929Karl WendlingerSauber C12 / Sauber 217525/720gearbox0
1993-09Silverstone25182129Karl WendlingerSauber C12 / Sauber 217524/590spun off0
1993-10Hockenheimring2614929Karl WendlingerSauber C12 / Sauber 217544/450+1 lap0
1993-11Hungaroring2617629Karl WendlingerSauber C12 / Sauber 217576/770+1 lap0
1993-12Spa Francorchamps26121829Karl WendlingerSauber C12 / Sauber 217527/440engine0
1993-13Monza2615429Karl WendlingerSauber C12 / Sauber 217552/530+1 lap0
1993-14Estoril2613529Karl WendlingerSauber C12 / Sauber 217570/710+1 lap0
1993-15Suzuka24162029Karl WendlingerSauber C12 / Sauber 217525/530engine0
1993-16Adelaide24111529Karl WendlingerSauber C12 / Sauber 217573/790brakes0
1994-01Interlagos26 7629Karl WendlingerSauber C13 / Mercedes-Benz 2175B69/710+2 laps0
1994-02TI Aida26191329Karl WendlingerSauber C13 / Mercedes-Benz 2175B69/830crash0
1994-03Imola2610429Karl WendlingerSauber C13 / Mercedes-Benz 2175B58/580+73.6580
1994-06Montreal26142429Andrea de CesarisSauber C13 / Mercedes-Benz 2175B24/690oil pressure0
1994-07Magny-Cours2611629Andrea de CesarisSauber C13 / Mercedes-Benz 2175B70/720+2 laps0
1994-08Silverstone26182229Andrea de CesarisSauber C13 / Mercedes-Benz 2175B11/600engine0
1994-09Hockenheimring26182329Andrea de CesarisSauber C13 / Mercedes-Benz 2175B0/450crash0
1994-10Hungaroring26172029Andrea de CesarisSauber C13 / Mercedes-Benz 2175B30/770crash0
1994-11Spa Francorchamps26151729Andrea de CesarisSauber C13 / Mercedes-Benz 2175B27/440throttle0
1994-12Monza26 81929Andrea de CesarisSauber C13 / Mercedes-Benz 2175B20/530engine0
1994-13Estoril26172029Andrea de CesarisSauber C13 / Mercedes-Benz 2175B54/710spun off0
1994-14Jerez26182229Andrea de CesarisSauber C13 / Mercedes-Benz 2175B37/690throttle0
1994-15Suzuka26152529J.J. LehtoSauber C13 / Mercedes-Benz 2175B0/500engine0
1994-16Adelaide26171029J.J. LehtoSauber C13 / Mercedes-Benz 2175B79/810+2 laps0
1995-01Interlagos26191529Karl WendlingerSauber C14 / Ford ECA Zetec-R41/710electrical0
1995-02Oscar Galvez26212529Karl WendlingerSauber C14 / Ford ECA Zetec-R0/720crash0
1995-03Imola26211729Karl WendlingerSauber C14 / Ford ECA Zetec-R43/730wheel0
1995-04Catalunya26201329Karl WendlingerSauber C14 / Ford ECA Zetec-R63/650+2 laps0
1995-05Monte Carlo2619829Jean-Christophe BoullionSauber C14 / Ford ECA Zetec-R74/780+4 laps0
1995-06Montreal24182029Jean-Christophe BoullionSauber C14 / Ford ECA Zetec-R19/680spun off0
1995-07Magny-Cours24151829Jean-Christophe BoullionSauber C14 / Ford ECA Zetec-R48/720gearbox0
1995-08Silverstone2416929Jean-Christophe BoullionSauber C14 / Ford ECA Zetec-R60/610+1 lap0
1995-09Hockenheimring2414529Jean-Christophe BoullionSauber C14 / Ford ECA Zetec-R44/450+1 lap0
1995-10Hungaroring24191029Jean-Christophe BoullionSauber C14 / Ford ECA Zetec-R74/770+3 laps0
1995-11Spa Francorchamps24141129Jean-Christophe BoullionSauber C14 / Ford ECA Zetec-R43/440+1 lap0
1995-12Monza2414629Jean-Christophe BoullionSauber C14 / Ford ECA Zetec-R52/530+1 lap0
1995-13Estoril24141229Jean-Christophe BoullionSauber C14 / Ford ECA Zetec-R70/710+1 lap0
1995-14Nurburgring24131829Jean-Christophe BoullionSauber C14 / Ford ECA Zetec-R44/670crash0
1995-15TI Aida24152329Jean-Christophe BoullionSauber C14 / Ford ECA Zetec-R7/830spun off0
1995-16Suzuka24151029Karl WendlingerSauber C14 / Ford ECA Zetec-R51/530+2 laps0
1995-17Adelaide24182129Karl WendlingerSauber C14 / Ford ECA Zetec-R8/810physical0