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Tom Gloy

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Born: Jun 11, 1947
Home: Lafayette, CA



Craftsman Truck Series Owner Statistics

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Craftsman Truck Series

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1997Ron Barfield, Jr. 20000340010,650396.520.51204.21
1997Dave Rezendes 400014653432,6501719.324.52534.61
1997Dorsey Schroeder 20110129114,975767.515.51287.71
1998Ernie Cope 1000019605,1259330.024.01126.60
1998Dave Rezendes 40010657032,1503926.518.84641.52
1998Tony Roper 19013032990154,2601619.417.4172,803.78
1998Dorsey Schroeder 100006506,8958515.013.01159.31
1998Dennis Setzer 20000254015,7252733.022.51296.80
1999Ron Barfield, Jr. 220130356858185,0051717.517.5153,426.09
1999Butch Miller 1000010007,8252813.011.01200.01
1999Tony Roper 1000022105,8358911.018.0196.70
1999Boris Said 100005706,5903428.034.0085.50
3 years600381935193477,685 18.818.4458,862.524