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Tim Self

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Born: Apr 03, 1958
Home: Austin, TX



Camping World Truck Series Owner Statistics

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Camping World Truck Series

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2016Justin Fontaine 10000195007028.026.01102.60
2016Austin Wayne Self 2100102654101524.220.6173,717.98
2016Myatt Snider 10000150006019.017.01150.01
2017Justin Fontaine 1000060004630.015.01150.01
2017Austin Wayne Self 50120594001521.611.441,052.43
2017J.J. Yeley 1001010000 27.09.01250.01
2019Austin Wayne Self 2101302713001419.817.3163,562.88
2019Bubba Wallace 2001039100 14.015.02343.01
2020Austin Wayne Self 2300202965001621.320.8193,963.611
2021Brett Moffitt 1000013900 17.038.0069.50
2021Austin Wayne Self 2200402907001417.017.6203,780.214
2022Logan Bearden 1000042006721.028.00143.20
2022Max Gutierrez 40010483004031.319.04759.42
2022Brett Moffitt 2000019700 21.534.00171.50
2022Austin Wayne Self 1700202405002520.422.3142,971.17
6 years123021701599510 21.019.610021,187.157